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  1. T3i, Ez Handle V2, Bower 8mm, External Mic,

    split eazy handle?
  2. Century Mk2 Fisheye

    definitely meant 58mm, i made that post on my phone. i'll be sending pics when i get home on sunday
  3. Assignment Suggestions & Discussion

    fisheye handrail at night!
  4. Century Mk2 Fisheye

    i have a century optics 59mm screw on mk2 for sale
  5. Eazy Handle V2 And Bower 8mm Fish

    whats good it's been 24 hours hahah
  6. #6 is Haight area above haight and ashbury st. #4 is in oakland? i think, eastbay for sure
  7. Assignment Suggestions

    has there been an assignment in the past year or so? ha
  8. ****the Official Hd Challenge**** (if You Win You'll Get Free Shit)

    surprised there aren't more entries
  9. The Big List

    who's corey huber?
  10. What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    haha so sketch
  11. What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    sennheiser mke 400 mic
  12. Post Your Setup!

    damn my setup feels so tiny:/ haha. Canon 60d 18-55mm kit lens Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Sennheiser MKE400 Mic Fat AA powered light X-grip canon slr backpack standard tripod
  13. Digi Or Die (iphone Montage)

    get a fisheye for it, $20 on amazon
  14. Assignment Suggestions

    is there a deadline or anything? when will the next assignment be made?
  15. Assignment Suggestions