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  1. adam hopkins

    Is Danny Way A Narcissist?

    Shredded Vert, street, pool, and mini like no other he's done more than most others bs 360 macba, switch tre flip on vert, bs 270 lip across a 45 ft gap to rail and a 25ft air in the dc video, can you get more well rounded? broken neck, paralyzed, but came back every time everyone needs to watch this part atleast once in there life if they don't respect dway On Video Summer 2000 part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyYQ-cjCljs part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZ_OqVvJ7Pc part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WNvYpNz54 part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiJO_Y35IHQ
  2. I went out again yesterday, it seems to be a problem with the switch the record button is part of it it gets nudged just the smallest bit, it resets the camera
  3. It hasn't happened in a little while until the other day I was filming at Leeside which is a park in a covered tunnel. It was a little cold out which may contribute to the problem But It's happened in warmer weather before aswell. The Problem I'll hit the record button and it'll randomly start flashing stby then the blue screen then turn the camera back on and off, I tried to reset my trv the other day and when i reset it, it did all the same things when i hit the record button. So it seems when i hit the record button my camera resets. anyone ever have this problem? It's not a constant thing but when it happens it sucks, missing clips, delayed record etc Watching the tape from the other day where it happened the tape plays a quick flash of grey It was the worse it's ever been the other day when it was cold, it kept doing it over and over. Any help or suggestions? Thanks Everyone
  4. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    yes and know, the laquer makes it so you can grind it it creates a seal on the concrete it's almost like spray on wax and once you wax over it its buttery mines worn down a bit i've used it to fix some granite, fixed some pool coping damage from bmx, and 3 or 4 concrete ledges now and still plenty of life
  5. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    I-xl masonary? thats the only place i could find them out here
  6. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    or you live in a city that has 0 ledges spots except for the rough one that u can only slide
  7. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    just be careful of wax already on the ledge, if the ledge is all covered in wax it wont grind down as good
  8. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    Tutorial Video http://www.sbcskateboard.com/videos/video:972
  9. adam hopkins

    Concrete Ramp

    build a base, with dirt, bricks garbage w e it is, put your templates on the side such as a drawn up tranny cut into a piece of wood, lay down some chicken wire or rebar ontop of the dirt then pour on your concrete smooth it out let it set, kepe working at it and get a good looking setup
  10. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    Not sure how it'd work, usually urethane is grippier, i've used to it on masonite b4 and it gives it grip
  11. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    Tools Left to Right Rub Brick, Clear Laquer, Black Spray paint, Grey primer, Sand Paper, Bondo Bandannas, Hammer, Safety Glasses, Hack Saw, Hacksaw Blades, Pry Bars, Putty Knife
  12. adam hopkins

    Bondo Tips

    wanna hide your bondo job get a can of grey spray paint and a can of black spray paint spray grey over dried bondo to make it blend in with concrete spray black over dried bondo to make it blend in with asphalt
  13. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    Q n A Using a propane torch to melt wax on a ledge does not work as good as the rub brick, laquer and wax combo the rub brick smooths out the concrete the lacquer seals it and the wax makes a buttery coating Ledge Chipping from crow bar depending on the size of the hole use bondo, it'll fall out over time but better than a skate stopped ledge an old skateboard truck if you got the will power to spend 45 minutes on a ledge with an old skateboard truck to try smooth it out go for it, a rub brick takes 5-10 minutes spray paint on ledge use spray paint if you want but its alot more noticeable which if cops show up may lead to problems I'll be making a video tutorial within the next month
  14. adam hopkins


    a sander won't work, the grit will just fall off the sand paper what you need is a concrete sanding stone (rub brick) and it's clear lacquer not spray paint http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?showtopic=197736
  15. adam hopkins

    Make Any Ledge Skateable In 30 Mins

    probably not if you have a long ass ledge shur, bu what i usually do is hold the lacquer about 2 inches away and spray then go in lines along the edge, the side and the top ti should be sitting on there pretty heavy. on another topic, i sprained both my ankles today so I'll get some pictures up of ledges i've done this to