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  1. olliepop

    Bronica Waist Level Viewfinders.

    i have one that the spring is broken on the loupe, so you have to turn the camera upside down. I'll sell that
  2. olliepop

    Mega Photo Gear Sale!

    ship bag to canada?
  3. olliepop

    Sekonic L-508 Light Meter

    ship to canada?
  4. olliepop


  5. olliepop

    Charlie Sheen

    Sheen for mod 2011
  6. olliepop


    making tees is fun
  7. olliepop

    Grad Photos

    Fuck no, this kid is such a kook, he totally skates! that was the photographer, this photo is deceiving, she was definitely late 20's
  8. olliepop

    Black Eyed Peas

    I didnt know this song was about hookers? back on/off topic. We have the worst musical legacy of any generation. Looking back through history, I bet cavemen had better music then us. At least they didn't have auto tune
  9. olliepop

    Odd Future

    nah, i've seen this everywhere
  10. olliepop

    Odd Future

    stole this design. got an idea im gonna make high school sightings.
  11. olliepop

    Grad Photos

    I didnt wear anything funny, just a thrasher sweater i made. but the kid next to me was killing it with his DGK board.
  12. olliepop

    Skate Talk On The Berrics

    no, he is talking about Shit talk, and that is dan watson from Saskatoon.
  13. olliepop

    Grad Photos

    considering this