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    Rip Eric Joneckis

    Rip funny dude
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    Netjiot V2

    V2 meow
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    sounds ambiguous. I like that.
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    here and there. sometimes there but sometimes not. how are you?
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    how did I get points from Newman. in my absence???? was he a mod for a brief period until someone realized he is just a 12 year old boy?
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    Yeah you are mistaken. "front line" stations aren't really by branch but by MOS. Marines have the same amount of desk jobs that all of the other branches just bigger ego's (only kidding). Infantry are door kickers and trigger pullers. When I was in Infantry School one of my Drill Sergeants would pace back and forth in the DFAC and talk shit to us about how "He doesn't have to catch bullets for his pay anymore the Army pays him for his mind". His MOS was something to do with computer networks or some shit. Honestly you can do almost any job in the Army. edit: fuck being a hardass. pick a job that will help you later on in life if you do join.
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    Bump When High Plus

    the fuck did this thread get to 29 pages?
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    its the only way i get down, guy
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    Tattoo Thread 2.0

  11. NickDeschamps

    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    maybe not the kind of tat you guys are into but it means a lot to me. right across my back
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    STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. It's not that hard. Life sucks, fuck it drive on. Graduate from school and I can guarantee you can get a waiver for that charge as long as it wasn't violent. You still have a chance in the military.