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  1. travismo

    I Dont Shoot Much Anymore But..

    that wasnt gay.
  2. travismo

    Bescor 20/40 For Sony 10/20

    hey i have a bescor 20/40 light that i would like to trade for a 10/20. i have the battery and charger and everything. hit me up, imma try to find some pics
  3. travismo

    Panasonic Hd

    this is probly stuff youve heard before but this is what iv gotten out of the cameras. one of my friends has a hvx and iv only seen amazing stuff from it. all of the cameras have pretty much the same sort of quality. its not going to be a 1 cdd vs a red camera difference. the hpx does not have the tape deck so if you loose a card or something happens, your S#^* outta luck. everyone iv talked to says they like the hmc over the hvx because of the cost to film, its apparently smaller and lighter along with other internal things (frame rates, that sort of stuff). the hpx is also lighter than the hvx but not too noticeable.
  4. travismo

    2k Mk1 Fs/ft Feeler

    hahah weak, well upp for a legit homie! good luck mark
  5. travismo

    2k Mk1 Fs/ft Feeler

    up for a local homie... yo mark, you tryn to trade my my bescor and battery for ur 10/20? pm me
  6. travismo

    Dvx Handle Problem

    iight ya man. i tried t email kerry but he told me that dvx's usually dont do that unless its noticeable damage like a broken handle or something but thats all he told me. iv been thinking about pulling it apart but ill hit you up or something...youve probly still got my number somewhere so hit me up when ever u can..thanks man
  7. hell ya. they are just too much money for me. but i like to build stuff and make it just as nice as something but for cheaper
  8. ya post your stuff up. ill admit it, iv been too lazy lately and completely forgot about all of this stuff.. girlfriends......
  9. travismo

    Dvx Handle Problem

    anyone else have any ideas?
  10. travismo

    Dvx Warning! Just A Heads Up

    [quote name='Its rob' post='2020420' date='Nov 9 2007, 03:14 PM']That would be rather unfortunate...[/quote] lawlz
  11. travismo

    Dvx Handle Problem

    i briefly looked it over and it looks pretty intense to take apart
  12. hey i just bought a dvx from someone on dvx user and when i got it in the mail i reolized the handle zoom, the on-board mic, and the handle record button do not work. iv tried to go through the settings that i know of and iv messed with the audio channels. i have no idea whats wrong i guess its in the handle. please any help would be awesome
  13. travismo

    The Compression Thread

    i tried the mpeg4 and no video came up just audio..
  14. travismo

    Assigment 43 Winners

    wow quite the voting job. haha
  15. travismo

    Vx1000 External Mic ?

    you might want to look into the rode NTG-2. depending on how much you want to spend look into the NTG-3 mic, its supsed to be the best mic for the money