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  1. jordanscoots

    Official Vx2100 Thread

    white balance in the shade. actual daylight colors will be legit
  2. jordanscoots

    Post Yourself Shooting

    AE-1 Steeze filming Mr. Young
  3. jordanscoots

    Fs: Canon Ae-1

    I'll do 65 right now.
  4. jordanscoots

    Can Anyone Show Me Some Good Vx2_000 Footy With Opteka Or Mk2?

    this is 21/opteka/2 spacers. pretty much perfect vig IMO. but the lens itself gets pretty shitty pretty easily
  5. jordanscoots

    Post Yourself Shooting

    Hey thats me filming in most of those pictures josh posted. And me doing the 180 bar. chyeahhhh. heres one of josh filming me-
  6. jordanscoots

    Post Yourself Shooting

    you bet he does, as do i. speaking of matt, this is me filming him: and by the way...josh didn't even post his best pic. check this shit
  7. jordanscoots

    Post Your Setup!

    vx2100/opteka gs150/opteka editing: some toshiba laptop 4 gb ram 320gb internal/1 tb external sony vegas 9 pro mpeg streamclip
  8. jordanscoots

    Panasonic Gs Series Thread

    For sunny days I use a shutter of 1/180 or 1/250 and f stop of 5.6, usually just use the outdoor setting for white balancing. here's some footy, there's some CC that i stuffed up on but whatever ignore the actual riding.
  9. jordanscoots

    Panasonic Gs150

    for sure, i had one for about two years and loved the colors it got.
  10. jordanscoots

    Post Yourself Shooting

    I don't think i was actually filming when this picture was taken, at least i hope i wasn't filming one handed like that haha. and yeah, nex-vg10, not mine but i hated it.
  11. jordanscoots

    Color Correction In Sony Vegas 9

    i usually just use studio to computer color corrector to adjust saturation and tweak the colors if i need to then color curves to make it nice and crisp.
  12. jordanscoots

    Calculus Help

    i missed a whole week of calculus in the start of january and finally got caught up this week. took a quiz on monday over integration and i probably bombed it. do not dig.
  13. jordanscoots


    650 right noww?
  14. jordanscoots

    Stupid Things "filmers" Say

    this kid was standing like 6 feet away doing a fisheye shot, kid does his trick "woops yeah definitely gotta back up" proceeds to back up like 20 feet "yup we're good!" it makes more sense when you see the clip, he clearly didn't need to back up at all.
  15. setting aperture won't make quality any better, but most people put it at or near f5.6 to keep everything focused and crispy.