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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW2aT9pBg7w
  2. mattbette

    The Film Thread

    I'm looking to start getting into 16mm film, but i'm not too sure where to start. I've been looking at K-3's and bolex H16's. The bolex's are hard to come by, but ive found a few K-3's for a decent price, basically i guess what else am i going to need to get going, and how expensive this is going to get. I'm assuming ill need a projector as well? Does any 16mm projector work?
  3. its nothing too great compared to a lot of the stuff thats put out on here, but i want to get it out there. the 2nd promo will be much better, i know theres not a wide variety of spots in this, but lurk it anyways. thanks, MattBette.
  4. mattbette

    Old Official Spot Directions Thread

    [quote name='Matthew Moon' post='3728198' date='Nov 29 2010, 11:57 PM']Flinn hubba ledge is at Flinn Middle School and the bank to drop is by there on Harrison and 22nd...[/quote] thank you this is a good start
  5. mattbette

    Old Official Spot Directions Thread

    i reallly need help finding out where some rockford, IL spots are such as flinn ledges, the big banks, bump to street, washington 10, the indoor waxed two stair and whatever else it would be a huge help thank you
  6. mattbette

    Worst Filming In "pro" Videos

    in elementality they left steady shot on the whole video.
  7. mattbette

    Official Generator Topic

    alright so i need to get a genorator and a few lights i found a 100$ one thats 1000 watts, is that good enough or would i need more power for like 2 lights?
  8. mattbette

    Best White Balance For Panasonic Pv-gs80

    youtube.com/mattbette either light blue or blue sky usually works the best. cept night filming then you can switch it to auto...i do anyways.
  9. mattbette

    Old Official Spot Directions Thread

    anyone know any good spots in like south of chicago. like mokena, frankfort, orland park, around that area... or even north west indiana?
  10. mattbette

    Panasonic Gs-80

    just get new tapes youll be fine. ive had blue lines many times.
  11. mattbette

    Panasonic Gs-80

    youtube.com/mattbette baby death on a gs80 is basically in all of those. i think it looks good.
  12. mattbette

    Filming Tricks And Tips

    you white balence off gray? i thought light blue was always best.
  13. mattbette

    Assignment Suggestions

    best warehouse montage????
  14. mattbette

    Dropping Hammers

    make it longer it was really short... dont use park footy for it if its a full length well i wouldnt anyways. learn the thirds rule with fisheye itll look better...and idk not really hammers.