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  1. toby

    Dvx Not Turning On

    Tried with AC and multiple batteries, I'm not too worried. Just wanted a camera to film a last video with, and i've got a locals to use. Appreciate the help guys! This community seems to have gotten better since I left. I imagine I'll just sell off for parts.
  2. toby

    Dvx Not Turning On

    Fuck, ok. Doesn't sound cheap..
  3. So, decided to film one last video before I quit my very unspectacular filming career, problem is, i've had my DVX in my bag for almost a year, i've tried pulling it out, plugging it in, and trying batteries to no avail. Won't turn on, any ideas or am I just fucked? Thanks for everything guys Been a quality forum for years, I know someone can help!!
  4. Ok, so if anyone still uses this place I have a decent DVX100a & a good condition MK2 FS with charger and a bunch of batteries. Also a VX1000 with 1 battery no charger 'cause some local fag stole it. Throw some offers, mainly looking to pay of my credit card and also getting out of filming ( life goes on ) Any interests add me on FB "toby Trp Crouch" Yes that's me wearing a halter top and I know i'm cute. Posting this thread on the SP FB page so yeah, buy this shit. I WILL ADD PICTURES & TAGS TOMORROW, IF YOU'RE TOO IMPATIENT TO WAIT MESSAGE ME TONIGHT AND I CAN SEND YOU SOME SHITTY CELL PHONE PICS. Looking for around $800+ 1/2 shipping for the dvx and $200+ 1/2 shipping for the vx 'cause it's missing batteries and a charger.
  5. toby


    Yes, those were the funny times I was talking about, the 2011 bulletpimp vs hai2u2 was the highlight of my time here, minus the ton of things i've learnt...
  6. I haven't been online here since the servers got switched and the site took a big turn, but what the fuck has happened to everyone? aag used to be funny as fuck.. now we're dreaming about getting VXs?
  7. Holy fuck, definitely one of my top 3 memories of this site. I remember the video, I forget who went to his park, called him out for talking shit, and then beat the fuck out of him. Old sp, how I miss it
  8. Fuck you pussy, get the fuck of SP with that kind of shitty attitude.. OP: I voted for you, but it looks like that other guy is killin itt..
  9. toby

    Filmer Rate?

    What happened with this shop I used to be with, is the owner would ask me to film events and shit, or like a minute or two of footy for a skater, and he'd either hook me a free shop deck, or $50 instore credit. Also got free tee's anytime I went in.
  10. Me and some homies are in Montreal for a week (monday-friday) would be sick if some locals could show us some spots. Or tell them where we can find some shit. PM me or hit me back on here!
  11. toby

    Official: K. O. T. R 2012 Task Suggestions

    +10 pts sign girls tits "KOTR2012" +1 for every extra girl (limit 10) FIlm 2 honorable women make out Win a competition Get a pro to shout out Your crew + KOTR Fight a guy +500 8 Mile a cop car and get away with out consequence.
  12. toby

    Newbie To Filming Have A Few Questions

    This site really has changed for the better. People giving good, non-sarcastic advice. Panny GS series are really good. Main let down now a days is that they're mini DV, opposed to most other cameras that have internal HDD, which makes workflow a bit easier.
  13. Why are you back..... OP: Buy lighter coloured hats? Same kinda idea with black shirts/pants.. Just go with colours that when they do fade, they're less noticeable..
  14. toby

    Skate Proof

    This looks really good. Acting wasn't amazing but it still looks proper.
  15. toby