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  1. Fine Skate Thread

    am i a complete fucking retard or is that rowley and the caption is about flip
  2. it doesnt matter too much what kind of tapes you use too much as long as you never use multiple brands. its like the first unwritten rule of filming. never mix tape brands. it will ruin your camera, it will make the heads dirty and will need constant head cleaning which involves putting your baby in playback, which me and other vx1k users will put there vx1k in playback one time since the day they buy it till the day they get rid of it, the one time is the first time, last time and only time, to make sure it works. make sure you get the right kind of tapes ie sony/canon-takes "wet" tapes (sony tapes) samsung/panasonic-takes "dry" tapes (panasonic tapes/maxell tapes) fuji tapes are real good because they are "nuetral" tapes its all different types of lubricants and if you mix tapes or share tapes, you can get someone elses dirty heads on there tape and transfer it to your camera. check what your camera takes and make sure the tapes you buy are good for your camera. i use sony premiums because they are great tapes and i have good access to them. i NEVER EVER reuse tapes, you can loose valuable footage even if its on your computer, what if it crashes and you recorded over ur boy's nollie fs feebs down wilshire cus u were too cheap to spend 10 bucks on a new tape at wamart. plus the more you reuse tapes, the more prone to drop outs they are. mixing tapes and sharing tapes is like aids. filmer A mixes tapes, fuckin up his cam, and his tape, filmer B puts filmer A's tape in his camera, fucks them both up, filmer B puts a new tape in, but his heads are dirty from filmer A's tape then filmer B gives his tapes to editor A and editor A cant do shit cus the tapes have been shared and are all dirty and glitchy and dropped out. dont share tapes unless you know that filmer A and you are both using the same tapes on the same lubricant-system-accepting-camera (you both have "wet" cams or "dry" cams) example: me and pat can share tapes cus we both only use premiums and we both have sonys and when jackson comes down, we can share tapes with him cus he has a gl2 and uses sony tapes wet and wet dry and dry never wet and dry mixed
  3. Cool Facts

    i do it old school i put my hand over the lens, then during capture, fast forward tilli see a hand come up. rewind and capture that way
  4. Cool Facts

    the best way to focus for long lens is to zoom in to full telephoto, focus, if u really need to, push auto. zoom all the way to the widestop. zoom as desired. of course this cant be done for fisheye so simply strap up ur fisheye. make sure ur at the full widestop and get close to something with alot of detail (ie tree bark, text on a gatorade bottle etc) and focus to that and turn off steady shot
  5. Cool Facts

    i wouldnt have sold it all if i didnt have to, but i owed parents cash, and the car accident? ill be lucky to break even at the end of everything. i feel filming fisheye from stairs looks best from the middle of the stair set. bottom sometimes, top, rarely if ever
  6. Cool Facts

    be careful driving, cus u might get in an accident and have to sell ur camera to pay for body work thats sorta how i ended my 04 motherfucker, was distracted by the hottest girl to ever sit in my car and fuckin shifted lanes right into a fucking mini van coulda been alot worse. just a bad fender bender in all seriousness, pay attention to what ur camera is seeing, not u watching ur boy land his nollie hard down 10 stairs, cus if u fuck up filming it, it dont mean shit, the easiest way for me to watch the trick is on the vf, with the LCD, its easy to take ur eyes off and just point the camera. with vf its impossible to loose ur eyes.
  7. Vx1000+babydeath=not Usable

    i dunno man ive fucked with fce in school and cropping in it is easy as fuck and it exports fine and viet, uve never tried so dont start
  8. Vx1000+babydeath=not Usable

    u know what tho, in fcp esspeically, cropping that to useable is MADDD easy but dunno how it will look
  9. Vx1000 Batteries

    really? i heard they didn't last too long in the vx. Mine lasted for 4 and half hours john the 730? Yes the 730 no man ur not fucking listening, the 730 and the 730h are 2 different ones the 730 blows dick the 730h is badass yes thats the correct link and the battery chargers are the same. u can charge the battery in a sony charger
  10. Vx1000 Batteries

    make sure its 730H H i tell you the one without the H (730) SUCKS
  11. Baby Death Vs Qc303

    yeah see then its understandable, or if ur one of those 1chippers for life, then its fine
  12. Baby Death Vs Qc303

    man i think the qc303 and a spacer or 2 is the setup i would have if i was a 1chipper just cus its so much less money. that that extra 200 bucks and sock it away for a 3chip (unless its a 3chip that will accept a baby D, avoid em and save the cash) dont bitch about quality, ur on a 1chipper.
  13. Baby Death Vs Qc303

    thats where you use spacers makes a HUGE difference. Yeah man as wide as VX2 MK2!!! thats not saying much and did u use the adapter for the qc cus i know u need it for the baby D if u didnt u need to redo em cus its not the same.
  14. Transworld : Vx1000 Versus Vx2000

    beleive what u want, thats what vx2k users say who are in denial about how much worse the vx2k day picture really is.
  15. Transworld : Vx1000 Versus Vx2000

    we all would. but a vx2100 body but were not sure if thats real or not