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  1. Watch in HD< Critique appreciated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPrxDYfTmow&hd=1
  2. infernomax

    Ad I Made For A Local Skateshop

    Wind noise at the start was pretty eh, could of done the trick cleaner for the ad however in saying that I still really liked the edit!
  3. infernomax

    Hidden Creek

    True dat n_n.
  4. infernomax

    Rabbits Eat Lettuce

    Filmed this over the course of 2 days through the dense haze of the mysticism of RC's.
  5. infernomax

    Wedding Film

    Sorry, "Brandon & Jamie Kindberg" was deleted at 9:57:19 Thu Mar 22, 2012. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere?
  6. infernomax


    No I don't have a handle! Waiting for Opteka Handle 3 (Ezy handle clone) to be released but it has been forever delayed! Might just lash out and get the O.G Ezy handle. Fair call & thanks for the advice, will work on making my pans tighter, cheers. Yeah, the fucked up distortion on the edges is from stabilization, really annoying and I should have been more diligent on eliminating it completely... Having no handle I use a rode videomic with a metal hotshoe to 1/4" as a handle and it is a bit shaky despite my best efforts. Thanks for the advice, more LL next time for sure.
  7. infernomax


    Any constructive critique at all? I post here to get advice from the best...
  8. infernomax


    This is mine & friends local footage filmed over a couple of months. Watch in 720p! In order of Skateboarding appearance: Max Ballard Luke Groth Calen Ritchie Gordon Baker Max Sadowski Hayden Williams Jesse Ambrose
  9. infernomax

    Old Town Edit

    Smooth fisheye and LL shots man, really liked the edit. Hardflip manny and Fakie 5-0 fakie flip were so tight.
  10. infernomax

    Looking For A Career In Film?...think Again

    Perfect post from Kevin Horn, Thank you for validating our dreams & nice reference from my favorite Sam Mendes movie.
  11. infernomax

    Matt Lane - Ollie

    Shadow doesn't really bother me, just the vehicle to the right. Really nice timing though and a huge flat gap. Dig the lighting as well.
  12. infernomax

    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    My mother contributed $200 AUD towards my DSLR Devices crane which was $445 AUD Shipped O_O. ♥
  13. Can anybody recommend a light and portable 6 Foot crane for traveling that is on the market? Cannot wait for the DSLR Devices re release which seems to be taking forever, Thanks.
  14. infernomax

    Fs Pentax With 50mm

    $50 For the Pentax & 50mm shipped to Australia.