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  1. My friend draws some cool shit and he's trying to win this Yelawolf contest. It'd be tight if I could get some votes for him. Please and thanks. https://creativeallies.com/creations/nym3/contests/937/design-a-t-shirt-for-yelawolf
  2. Thinking of putting a Saab 9-3 turbo in my Cavalier, but i honestly don't care that much about cars so I don't know if its really worth my time and $$. The 9-3 turbo and exhaust manifold fits the 2.2l ecotec in my cavalier. I deliver pizzas and I spend alot of time in my car so Im just trying to have a little more fun in the drivers seat. Just thinking of running low boost. Yay or nay?
  3. Anybody play gamebattles SnD for xbox?
  4. DerekLM99

    What Are Your Majors?

    Attending UCF and majoring Bio-med. Optometry is the way i think i want to go. Seems way easier than becoming a physician or most of the other doctor routes.
  5. DerekLM99


    The cafeterias for my meal plan have Java City things. Unlimited espressos, caramel macchiatos, mochas nd shit. yummmmmm.
  6. DerekLM99

    I Feel So Gay

    see wut he d1d ther?
  7. DerekLM99

    I Feel So Gay

    So the one that feels gay for watching a video of guys jerking each other off also puts his fingers in his ass... Hmm, I feel as if there's a connection between the two.
  8. DerekLM99

    Any Ucf/orlando Heads?

    Yeah, im staying in Libra. The regular ass square dorms. Whatwhattt. Im fucking hyped to be in Orlando forsure.
  9. Im sure theres some in Orlando. But especially UCF since im going there in the fall. All i saw there at orientation were gay dudes and lames cruising on awesome longboards with flip flops.
  10. it doesnt matter if it was a rock or baseball, i dont have the glass covered like that. like the only thing the geico lady asked was what can i help you with, i said my windshield was broken, and she said what happened and i said it was hit with a baseball. didnt ask if it was by accident or not or if a random kid did it, all she said was "your insurance doesnt cover this, youll have to pay out of your pocket".
  11. My windshield got fucking smashed by a baseball after some kid hit a foul ball during his practice after school today. I found out my insurance doesnt cover this, so is there anything i can do so that im not paying all of this? And before i hear "dont park next to a baseball field", i parked like 200+ feet away from them and was in a pack of cars.