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  1. Random Photo Discussion

    Michael Kenna and araki both occasionally wear glasses, coincidence?
  2. Random Photo Discussion

    no let's all purposely hold ourselves back and burn digital everything. won't know how to sustain them once the apocalypse happens anyway
  3. Random Photo Discussion

    gh2s are $450 now on keh wow. digital technology advancements rule, let's go aughts
  4. Random Photo Discussion

    best? I hope you're joking.
  5. Random Photo Discussion

    guys, whats your favorite slide film? going to get a few different rolls for testing, give me some names to try out.
  6. Random Photo Discussion

    how heavy is the mat 124g? I don't care enough to actually google it but I'm kinda interested in the info yes
  7. Random Photo Discussion

    dat electric bill I'm surprised there were no dirty hippie squatters
  8. Random Photo Discussion

    this could be interesting http://xfrstn.newmuseum.org/
  9. Random Photo Discussion

    is there a rivalry I don't know about going on? kool
  10. Random Photo Discussion

    nick stop maybe you are a mutant, I just saw x men again and it makes sense. save the pee by putting it in containers and sell on eBay as developer.
  11. Random Photo Discussion

    ^ there's a video of a photographer who went back to specific area multiple times to shoot buffalo skulls. went back during different seasons to get the shot, I can't remember his name but if you can find it post it.
  12. Random Photo Discussion

    really trying to spend that much for a point and shoot? just get a stylus. worry about 500% zoom focus/sharpness when you're shooting non-35mm
  13. Random Photo Discussion

    RE9001 reminds me of bobo from opie and anthony. not sure if anyone here even knows what that is but yep
  14. Random Photo Discussion

    are you planning to never shoot 35mm again? $11? you mean the same price as a two hero sandwiches, how about you just buy it new man DAMN (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄