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  1. Vx2000 Vs Vx2100

    I had a vx2100 for about a year before i sold it (for a car). I miss that camera like no other, and while I can't lay claim to having used a vx2k for more than 10 minutes, the footage is not going to be different. Perhaps some different adjustments to achieve the same look, but they'll put out the same picture that the other one does if used properly. It takes much getting used to if it's your first prosumer camera, but if you're worried about which will give you better picture, they're equal. Now that that is aside (which is my opinion, btw), having a record button on the handle was extremely convenient. The vx2100 is slightly heavier and a little bit bulkier. It also has better capabilities in low light. And I haven't read it in any posts before mine, but a lot of people left out a huge reason for sticking to the older vx1k - using the mk1
  2. Ferrari Skateboard...

    Well, that does sound useful...
  3. Fs: Some T Shirts

    mad legit
  4. Canon Hf S10

    Hey, I'm probably getting a Canon HF S10 (cmos, i know.) I researched a bit, but I'd like to see if anyone here actually own(s/ed) one and could tell me how it is for skateboarding. Also, what fisheye lens did you use on it? With 58mm threads i thought an opteka death, or even century, but im not sure how that will look on an HD aspect:ratio. Any and all help appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. Post Avatar Depression

    "When you get discouraged by everyone around you, be courageous like Jake, and jump on the leonopteryx." What an awe-inspiring quote.
  6. The Deal With This Section

    thankyou! i want to learn a bit about it, but don't feel like sifting through huge threads.
  7. Haiti

    i heard they hate white people
  8. Fs:vx21k & Mk2

    if you can get some good vouches im interested in the camera ... not the mk2
  9. Need

    you're so cool that you tell me to get on a treadmill because a medication i took made me gain weight. and now that i've been going to the gym for 3 months, some cool kid on skateperception thinks he'll get respect for hating on someone from his multi account.
  10. Need

    wasn't there just a thread like this? and why don't you just PM a mod/admin instead of asking them to do it for you?
  11. Post Yo Ice $$$$

    I wish I could wear a watch ... the clock on my phone doesn't change from what time it is when the phone turns on.