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  1. Hey guys, if anyone who lives in the SF Bay Area that has a cap cam or know of anyone with a cap cam for sale that would be great me and Curtis. will be in the Bay Area for a couple weeks and we really need one! Thanks.
  2. rafrafraf911

    Camera Bag Extravaganza

    Yah they are, I'm using one right now they're more designed for winter and more burly but that doesn't hurt for the summer time to have that extra bit of protection and waterproof. They have a lot of compartments that's almost unnecessary but it's pretty sick you can pretty much store everything you own in it.
  3. rafrafraf911

    David Gonzalez

  4. rafrafraf911

    Black 32gb Iphone 4

    I have a black 32gb iPhone 4 for sale, it's in great condition I took good care of it and it has not a scratch. I am located in Canada and it has a Rogers SIM card. Any U.S buyers I can just take the SIM card out. I'm asking 300 for it OBO. Note: Those are not scratches in the bottom picture on the bottom left.
  5. rafrafraf911

    Camera Bag Extravaganza

    My friend and local shop owner has 3 Camera bags for sale! An Atiba Ogio bag, Dakine bag and a burly Burton bag. The Atiba and Dakine bags are Brand New with tags still on them sitting in the shop. The Burton bag is used but in good condition! He is 100% legit shop owner and I've sold some camera gear on here for him and I can have lots of users on SP to vouch for mine and his legitimacy. Please ONLY CONTACT HIM, do not PM me. You can reach him at his e-mail at ryanmansfield180@gmail.com ! Thanks guys. Ogio Atiba bag $80 Dakine Bag $40 Burton Bag $80
  6. rafrafraf911


    joey pepper's new huf shoe is tight
  7. rafrafraf911

    Zero Cold War: Kyle Montgomery

    forrest @ 1:20 ?
  8. rafrafraf911

    Tattoo Thread 2.0

    Got this recently in June by my homie Alban Bachand, tattoo artist from Montreal @albanstattoo - instagram check him out. Taken from my instagram @ryanboutilier
  9. rafrafraf911

    Filmer Board

    Just bring your film wheels with you and switch them out. That way you can bring your regular board and film if you need to.
  10. rafrafraf911

    Evan E Getting Beat Up

    I remember the video. I actually felt bad for him.