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  1. maxwellsays

    Vx1000 Lens Hood (ebay)

    Just posting this here in case anyone from SP needs a Lens Hood. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251281932820
  2. maxwellsays

    Nostalgia - Free Skate Video

    Individual parts are being uploaded every week. PLEASE watch/share this video. It could not have been possible without SP www.youtube.com/maxwellsays
  3. maxwellsays

    Nostalgia - Free Skate Video

    Thanks a lot! Also, might as well bump this.
  4. After many, many years, Nostaliga is finally up and running. Click the link to see the video. It's 100% free. Please enjoy.
  5. maxwellsays

    Stick It To The 1%

    Some shameless promotion here. Help a fellow SP member out! The company I work for started a sticker company in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. There's some really awesome designs on the site, so if you are part of the 99% then buy a 99 cent sicker! $1 flat rate shipping up to 10 stickers, free shipping after 10. http://stickittothe1percent.com/ Now, I know not everyone agrees with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In fact, I'm not exactly 100% in favor of it. BUT - if you are, this is a great way to support the movement and spread the word. I'm not trying to create a huge debate here.
  6. Looking for a Century Optics MK1 or MK2 for GL1. Let me know if you have one and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  7. maxwellsays

    Would You Rather?

    Piss for sure. Eat a slug or Eat a stranger's booger.
  8. maxwellsays

    Happy Medium 2

    I really appreciate you not telling me the order of the skaters. Seriously, that's awesome. ...even though you offered to give spoilers for the hammers haha. I cannot wait for this video to come!
  9. maxwellsays

    Happy Medium 2

    Just out of curiosity while I wait for my copy to ship (been checking my mail obsessively every day), who all has FULL parts in the video?
  10. maxwellsays

    Video Netjiot

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you 100%
  11. maxwellsays

    Video Netjiot

    Television commercial our company did. http://www.erraticmediagroup.com/portfolio...ord-zombie-lot/ I'm kind of proud of the fact that one of the first TV commercials I've ever done has zombies in it. This vid didn't turn out nearly as good as I wanted it to. Thoughts?
  12. maxwellsays

    Ann Arbor Michigan

    Hit up Founders Brewing and get yourself a growler... Oh wait, you said skate. Nvm.
  13. Same here. Dave, it's an honor to have footage in this year's montage.
  14. So hyped on this. Congrats!
  15. I like how you gave credit to each of the skaters/filmers during the credits. This was really great, well worth the wait. Dave, you are incredibly talented!