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  1. Moved out to Phoenix after that last big trip around the country. I'd like to take off a week or two during the summer and do a little trip. Another camp/couchsurf deal and maybe bring a board.
  2. Hopefully some time around July 10th ish or so. PM me if you'd want to skate or anything when I roll through.
  3. Hey guys. It's been awhile since I've been on here. I'm doing another cross country trip, Key West to Vancouver to Nova Scotia and down the east coast back to Florida. Occasionally skating random parks, etc. I've been camping and couchsurfing the whole way. Anyway, curious if anyone along the way would want to ride, go skate, go drink, whatever. I suppose I should disclose I'm not all that great a skateboarder anymore, if it matters. I did bring the board and have been occasionally skating though. Journal for the trip: http://7sbiker.com DSC01252 by C P, on Flickr DSC01110 by C P, on Flickr DSC01305 by C P, on Flickr IMG_20150526_145645 by C P, on Flickr
  4. Hey guys. I'd thrown up a while ago that I was going to be going cross country. I'm doing it now. Trip Blog: http://7sbiker.wordpress.com IMGP1886 by 7sbiker, on Flickr 2013-05-20_14-15-53_141 by 7sbiker, on Flickr IMGP1830 by 7sbiker, on Flickr IMGP1818 by 7sbiker, on Flickr
  5. Will do on both counts. That's a really buttery looking 400 for $400. You should nickname her Foh Fohs for the lulz. On a side note, seeing as how you're super bike gurus, want to share a couple bits of wisdom? (if you feel so inclined) I'm trying to get out of a couple bikes right now.. An 03 suzie gz250 and an 07 suzie c50 boulevard. I'd really like to get over a liter bike this time around. With the intention of being the last bike I get. And with the ambition of getting 48 state stickers on the windshield someday. I have some cash to drop on it, maybe in the $4k range before selling the other two. I was thinking about an 1100 shadow.. Either that or get a POS that is barely good for anything but a title and frame... and buy a new engine and build it from zero. I'm not very mechanically inclined but have homeys that are and have the tools for it. I just don't know if a month and a half's time is enough to finish a project like that between work and finals. (And riding the bike around enough to feel confident to go 7000 miles.) I figured if I built it I'd know how to fix most of what could go wrong along the way. It's either that or count on pure money and newness that I won't get stranded. Anyway, I figured I'd ask for your two cents.
  6. Hey guys, it's my first post in sp in like 2+ years or something. I'd taken a leave of absence from skateboarding for awhile.. You know how it goes when you go off to college. Anyway, I'm slowing starting to skate again, just for funzies. I'm going to be doing a motorcycle trip I'd been planning for a long time this summer. About a month and a half gig. Not really set on dates yet since I have to work it around whenever I can get my college classes. (Either the first half or 2nd half of the summer..) Regardless, I figure it's a pretty sweet opportunity to skate a bunch of new stuff and tie my old skateboarding wanderlust with my new motorcycle wanderlust. About the trip, I'm gonna get a sleeping bag and a little propane stove thing and camp a lot of places to save some money. Maybe check into a crappy motel if I haven't found a shower in too long. I've read about other guys that did trips like this and couchsurfed a lot, so I'll be doing that too whenever the opportunity presents itself. [Just presenting the low budget attitude of the trip I s'pose.] The locations aren't set in stone or anything, so if I managed to get some people to tag along I'd be down to deviate a little bit. Also, if you live anywhere close along the route and want to skate with some terrible 22 year old on a journey, it'd be pretty sweet to know some locals along the way. I don't have any homies that skate anymore, and the few biker friends I have aren't down enough to hop on something as serious as this. So far I'm just planning the trip solo. I figure it'll give me an opportunity to see all sorts of things I won't get a chance to once I have to join the "real" world and work; epic scenery, lots of random friends along everywhere, stories, etc. I took a cursory flip through of sp trying to see if there was a thread to find anybody in Gainesville to link up and skate with, maybe make some new homies, and when I saw this thread I pretty much knew right away I was gonna throw this trip up here and see if I got any feedback.
  7. Alrightt. I'll try to hit him up. I just saw that by the time you guys announced last year's trip was happening you were all booked up already.
  8. id actually really like that... i think i tried hitting up carulli about trying to tag along for the next one. I'm guessing he's just wayy too busy with the montage to get back at me on that. I guess steve would be the better person to hit up for that right?
  9. well "im sorry your friends think youre really gay" and so youre sitting at home alone trolling someones post. cmon man... genuinely trying to just do some cool shit here. if you dont like it, its fine dude, go skate or go on another thread. good luck. have fun. go do your own thing. thanks holmes.
  10. 0mg d00d youre such a kewl tr0ll i hope i can be as cool as you when i grow up. ok? I guess man.. I still don't see a whole mess of filmers being a trip-breaker though =p You'll just have a huge ass train through all the skateparks with all the people in the train holding VX's. (lmfao, SP kotr trick/filming assignment??) seriously though, no amount of convincing seems to have worked... I suppose you just have a more motivated crew.. Which leads to more stuff getting done and more fun. my OG post intention still stands... =/
  11. anyone? I'm always trying to put trips together with the homies... And the plans always fall apart the same way.. Too many people flake out and we end up canceling... Money problems... Mommy problems... Job problems... I figured more than a handful of more serious peeps here must go through the same frustration. It'd be baller to put something together here... or if someone's missing a couple heads to put down for gas to make their trip happen..? Just a thought.
  12. fl3x52

    Usb V. Firewire

    what about that firewire -> USB? is that shit any good? does it work just like having a regular firewire port? does it shit up the quality? ie: http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-IEEE-1394-4-Pin-Fi...=item230cdbe0a2
  13. fl3x52

    Burg Unit Video.

    i rather liked it. it was pleasant to watch overall. the skating was alright. i really liked the use of sooo many little sketchy creative spots. the editing was really... creative too. so definitively an A+ for creativity overall... there was more than a little bit too much trippy stuff for my taste but hey if thats how you roll i wont bash. other than that just a few shots where there was some filmer lurking with the arms and legs that shouldnt be... and a couple clips where the filmer got too ahead of the skater. i liked it. props. good shizz.
  14. fl3x52

    Gs Series Advice

    alright so i looked for a gs series bible and i cant find one can somebody point me to it or just put a book of filming advice on this thread?
  15. dude you HAVE to skate kona. hit it up at jacksonville on the way down, its on the very very top eastern part of fl. i live in miami so if you make it here maybe hit me up.