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  1. TrickyDicky

    Anomaly Issue 1

    Who decides what's real? Are flashes real? Is composition real? It all looks pretty real to me.
  2. TrickyDicky

    Anomaly Issue 1

    The first one is so interesting. Love how stylised it is, but to what extent was it planned? Even the red car with canoe in front of the lighter patch of painting? The red cup on the floor? Super nice. Lighting is nice but could you have lowered ambient half a stop maybe or got more from the flash? I suppose you could increase shutter speed past sync as the flash is only illuminating the centre third of the photo.
  3. TrickyDicky


    @kid You're looking down the slope into the crater of a volcano, the sign is next to a cliff edge that drops a few hundred meters into the volcano where there's a sulfur mine.
  4. TrickyDicky


    @tats yeah when I look at these now I feel that they're over processed. The second isn't HDR but I've shot it in raw and reduced the highlights. The more I reduced the more the clouds stood out, I couldn't help myself. When I look at the shadows though I can see I should have reduced the blacks. I don't think I can be objective when I judge the third, but I do think it looks over saturated on my phone screen but it looks dull to me on my laptop. Perhaps I need to have it calibrated. I do have a few more shots I but I recall this being the best. My girlfriend hates the little orange rock in left foreground. I have a canvas of it in my living area so we see it almost constantly. I may have a shot with more sky Ill have a look and see. It would be interesting to process these again from scratch and see where I end up.
  5. TrickyDicky


    Nice to see the forum up and running, haven't skated in years but like to take photos still. Here's some from a trip to Indonesia I did. Critique welcomed.
  6. TrickyDicky

    Lost Art Of Murder

    Anyone got anything to say?
  7. TrickyDicky

    Gin In Tea Cups

    Best mate Thamesmead estate; this is where misfits is set, I suggest watching it, it's brilliant. Dead bird Let me know what you think.
  8. TrickyDicky

    Buried By The Merry Go Round

    No I completely agree with you. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things once I'm back on my feet. Thanks for the feedback mate.
  9. TrickyDicky

    Buried By The Merry Go Round

    Haven't shot properly in forever, then I broke my leg and have been stuck in doors for the last 7 weeks now, out of work and penniless until someone reccomended me to do some photos for a company someones starting up. I got a bit of money for that so I decided to get a load of black and white chemicals and gear with the money. I've only shot one roll so far which is the park my house backs on to. I'll be shooting more once my cast comes off on friday and I can actually walk and drive. So have at it, what do you think? I know they're nothing spectacular but I like the textures on them. Kentmere 400 pushed 1 stop in D76, developed for 17 minutes.
  10. TrickyDicky

    Switch Hardflip

    I like it, I think it would have been better if you were to the right a tiny bit so that the leaves were framing the left side more than the right side of the frame.
  11. TrickyDicky

    Swollen Eye

    Trix knows where its at.
  12. TrickyDicky

    Locker Room

    the tones on the first are insane
  13. TrickyDicky

    Thoughts Please

    if you straighten the second one then itl be brilliant.
  14. TrickyDicky

    Paving An Intersection

    the third one is actually amazing