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  1. billycox

    Backside Smith

    That's on point. I feel the same way. This photo is on point too, that blue sky especially.
  2. billycox

    Callum Mcrobbie - Backside Boneless

    wow dude
  3. billycox

    Classic Skate Perception Gallery Topic

    damn straight outta 2000 this is sick!
  4. billycox

    Nick Keys & Pat Carmody

    thanks, yeah if i had flashes i would have used them, i just didn't have them this day. and yeah i raised the recovery, you can see it in the hub and stairs, because i had exposed it for that, since they are white and not really that grey. i didn't realize the board would blend like that either
  5. billycox

    Nick Keys & Pat Carmody

    yeah i always do a digi test. but i don't have a digi fish, only a 16mm for the 35mm cam, so i test it long lens just to get an idea of what it will look like. but if the settings can't align, i just guess and try to make it slightly overexposed.
  6. billycox

    Nick Keys & Pat Carmody

    Nick Keys - 180 Nosegrind to Fakie Bronica SQA, no flashes Pat Carmody - F/S Boardslide Nikon n8008 35mm, vivitar 285s left and right, clearly one too close.
  7. billycox

    Ishod & Scotty O

    Ishod Wair - BS Smith. Had it framed really far over, I don't like it, but Ant was filming next to me and I was trying to keep him out of the shot. Bronco SQA, I don't know what film, and no flashes. Scott O'Rourke - FS Wallride Pullout Nikon n8008 35mm, I don't know what film, no flashes.
  8. billycox

    Julian Heller & Neil Herrick

    Julian Heller - Frontside Double Slide Julian Heller - B/S Feeble Neil Herrick - 5050 down, across, drop then down. We went back to shoot this photo after he already had landed it and he ended up getting worked on it a few tries in. This is the best thing that came out. Clearly not the land but you get the idea.
  9. billycox

    Ishod, Ronnie, Conor

    its a nikon 16mm. the first one is out of focus. i don't think the last one is blurry, it's just how 35mm film looks, its small. unless my lens is fucked up maybe, idk?
  10. billycox

    Ishod, Ronnie, Conor

    talk shit [img=https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8644/15994550830_52f8dfa721_c.jpg ishod wair - fs lipslide ronnie kessner - bs smith conor mccue - bs boardslide
  11. billycox

    B/s Smith

    this is sick as fuck
  12. billycox

    Its A Fucking Really Big Switch Ollie

    theres no other angle this could be shot from. how else would you see the bump if you weren't up on the barrier?
  13. billycox


    I spilled a bottle of water on this roll, I guess the backside air was on the inside and didn't get wet, and the back tail got wet a little, but I think they turned out cool. Idk. Tell me they suck. Matt Roadside - B/S Air by billycox, on Flickr Dante Tonella - B/S Tailslide by billycox, on Flickr
  14. billycox

    Wtb: Bronica Ps 30mm Fisheye

    Will pay or trade to make a good deal on your end if you have one to sell. Pm me
  15. billycox

    Shane Colville & Cody Roberts

    Thanks dude. Yeah on the first one I stood in a jungle gym/swing set and it was about as high as I could get. I totally agree with the fence thing though. I could have moved more to the right but I tried to compensate for the light and being able to see his face. On the second one, I have this problem where I always think a BS lip should be shot from the back haha. Everyone does them differently and I feel like I should have picked a totally different angle for this. Thanks for the critiques.