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  1. figured id throw this up here too since HDSLRs are pretty popular amongst you guys these days http://www.ebay.com/itm/161168638697?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 for SP only, i'll throw in a free Nikon to Canon EOS fotodiox adapter
  2. bump, i know somebody out there has to be in need of a fish, willing to split the handle too
  3. Stroh

    Wtb: Peleng 8mm

  4. also, i am 110% legit, paypal only please, i am willing to ship internationally but you're covering the costs. Also willing to do drop off/pickup locally, if you are situated in Chicago or the Northwest Suburbs
  5. Hey guys its been awhile since ive been on SP, don't really film as much skateboarding these days and im in a little bit of a tight financial situation, so let my loss be your gain, i have a mint Peleng 8mm in M42 mount with a m4/3 adapter for use with the Panny GH1/GH2/GH3 series or any other camera in micro four thirds and a Canon EOS adapter for use with Canon APS-C cameras such as the 7D/60D/T2i/T3i series. The glass is flawless, aperture blades squeaky clean and free of any oil, and the exterior is also in excellent shape free of any nicks or scratches. I have the original box, metal lens caps, leather lens case, UV and addtional filters for black and white photography, plus an adapter for micro four thirds and Canon EOS. I have been the sole owner of this lens which was purchased a couple years ago and all of my gear has been taken care of immaculately. I am asking 200 shipped to the US OBO, but please no low balls. These retail new for about 280, so i think my offer is quite fair considering the condition of the lens, that i have all of the original accessories, and that it has only been used a handful of times since i purchased it. Footage on a 550D/T2i: Footage on a GH2: the peleng is obviously not the first shot, but rather the line after the shitty hardflip. raw untouched footy so its very flat looking. if you do not need one of the adapters, please let me know, though if you would like it anyway i will include it, sorry for the camera phone pictures my GH2 isnt charged i can provide higher res photos for serious offers. I can also provide pictures taken with the lens. Also if you are in need of a DSLR handle i have one that i would be willing to include for an extra 50 dollars, it is all metal, adjustable, and very rugged.
  6. Stroh

    New Samyang T3.8 Fisheye For Video?

    Oh hey my peleng already has both a smooth and stepped aperture ring.
  7. Stroh

    Long Lenses

    well in general, most older zooms have pretty smooth zoom and focus rings due to being well worn in. of course this is not always true, just as all new lenses aren't automatically stiff in the same regards.
  8. Stroh

    Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm F/4-5.8

    trow dat shit up on craigslist, SP classifieds have been slow as balls for DSLRs lately, i coudn't even get a sale for my gripped 550D, LCDVF, and tamron 17-50mm VC for 6 bones, so far i have consistently gotten sales on craigslist after trying on here first (for my vx, and 550D) just be weary of scammers.
  9. Stroh

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    my zoom ring was actually quite decent, the focus ring was smooth, just the throw is super duper short. debating grabbing a nikon mount one of the non VC version for my GH2, but i really want to find a decently priced tokina 16-50 f2.8
  10. Stroh

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    there is a lock/unlock ring that you twist like on the peleng 8mm, im guessing its stepless, at least it is on the peleng.
  11. Stroh

    Micro 4/3 Discussion Thread

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Nikon-G-AF...=item2a109274a4 im assuming you want the one with aperture control
  12. Stroh

    Gonna Be Shooting My First Music Video.

    what kevin said, lighting is extremely important. you didn't mention any sound equipment, which is fine if you're just laying the track over the footage, but i personally like some ambient noise in music videos, do you have any kind of mic or recorder thats not the onboard one? also you mentioned its a rap/hip-hop video, so you could probably make pretty good use of the fisheye, seems to be a popular look for most of those types of videos.
  13. Stroh

    Frezzi Light New! $130 Price Negotiable

    yo i think i might be interested