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  1. Websites For Selling Gear.. (leica)

    I should probably mention I'm in Ireland. Keh gave me a quote of $2500. Less than I want in euro's but its a start at least. I've registered for RFF and will make a listing when I get some good photos of the camera / lenses.
  2. Websites For Selling Gear.. (leica)

    I've thought about ebay, they charge a lot of though when you sell.. I paid €70 on a camera I sold for €700 a few years back.
  3. I am considering selling my Leica M6 with 35/50mm Summicron lenses. I don't have 500 posts so I can't post on here but is there any go to sites for buying and selling Leica gear?
  4. Some Recent Stuff..

  5. Some Recent Stuff..

    Haven't posted here in awhile, then again I haven't really been shooting. BONUS
  6. Super Serious Wallride

    Yeah, I was attempting that using the wall on the right to cut him out but it would have cut out some of the handrail which is necessary for the shot..
  7. Super Serious Wallride

    Nothing here was planned, I just came along as he was trying it.. Trick is sick. What do you think of the photo?
  8. Some Portraits I Fancy

    3rd is great.. It could easily be expanded into something bigger I think. 1st is ok, nothing wrong with it. 2nd is too dark in my opinion.
  9. Representation

    This. The 2nd though is great. Even though its cluttered, it works. Reminds me of something similar to Martin Parr's work. It's a basic picture of a street but it works.
  10. Nd Filter Testing Street Walk

    The 2nd and the guy sitting on the steps are nice. The 2nd has really nice lines. The fact the two guys walking are perfectly lined up is awesome.
  11. Animals

    The first is by far the best. The rest are great though. Everything is perfect the focus, composition, colour and detail. They actually look like portraits of people if that makes sense?
  12. March Was Cold.

    1st two are good.. I agree with Kevin, you do get a cold feel from it. The second is just a shot of two people's back's.. I've done it before and its really hard to make it interesting.
  13. Some New Hp5

    Really liking the first. The framing is nice.
  14. No One.

    What's the story with the 1st photo, I like it.
  15. That didn't dawn on me til just now.. Hmm yeah, that's a good point. Hopefully I'll get the chance somehow to expand on these. Sorry for the double post.