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  1. This thread is for EastPosted. Hes a local, I've known him for years so hes legit.
  2. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Vx1000/mk1

    sold to someone locally.
  3. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Vx1000/mk1

    Hey guys I'm selling my vx1000/mk1 setup. Selling mainly because I've been too busy to film lately. It is very close to mint. VX is serial 97362, within the last 3 or 4 thousand I believe. I taped the bayo as a precaution because I felt like it was getting loose. Other than that its mint. Its glitched a few times on me but a head cleaning tape has cleared it right up. Mk1 is also very close to mint. Minimal light scratches. Setup will come with 4 batteries(one or two don't last very long), a charger, lens hood, front and back caps to the mk1 and I'll throw in some of the last sony premiums I have lying around. Looking to get $1100 Shipped OBO.
  4. LongIslandskate

    Gh2 Setup For Trade/sale

    trade for vx1/mk1?
  5. LongIslandskate

    2012-2013 Montage

    Footage filmed within 2012-2013
  6. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Jap Vx1000

    This is a thread for Aylwardd. He's Legit. This VX1000 was mine at one point and works great.
  7. LongIslandskate

    Wtb: Capture Camera

    bump. preferably one that uses panasonic gs batts
  8. LongIslandskate

    Wtb: Capture Camera

    Looking for a decent condition capture camera with batt and charger.
  9. This is for a local, jvdude. He's legit.
  10. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Cheap Jap Vx1000

  11. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Cheap Jap Vx1000

    Bump! Finally got around to uploading some footage and glitches aren't nearly as bad as I thought they were.
  12. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Cheap Jap Vx1000

    I'll post some footage tomorrow. Still looking for a buyer!
  13. LongIslandskate

    Fs: Cheap Jap Vx1000

    Don't just post if you're not gonna consider buying it. You can get generic batts on ebay super cheap.
  14. I've got a cheap Japanese vx1000 for sale. All of the buttons are labeled. Its being sold as-is because the audio seems to be having glitches/dropouts. I've tested it once and only the audio has glitched so it may just need a good head cleaning. I'm not gonna bother to fix it considering I have another vx1000. Everything else is working fine. Being sold with no charger, batteries or lens hood. If you wanna get to me fast text me at 631-882-6425. ****EDIT: Audio glitches seemed to be alot worse on capture camera, but when I actually captured the footage there was minimal audio glitches. Completely usable. I'm looking to get $350 shipped. Footage below.
  15. LongIslandskate

    Donnie Cassese Part

    A part I filmed for one of my homies throughout the course of about a year. Critique anything.