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  1. 24 Hours to go, homies! I'm psyched, just over £100 to get to my target. Whoop.
  2. What was your total time? I ran 15km a few weeks back in 1hr28m.
  3. Pretty disgracefully hairy, aren't I.
  4. Nah man, don't worry; any donation, large or small is hugely appreciated! Nice one.
  5. Ah Tunebomb, top top man! Thanks very much for the donation! :angry:
  6. Thanks to everyone who're going to donate! Super awesome of you. With regards currency, yes, if you pay via paypal, it sorts it out for you. AC Slater: Yes, I'm very much worried for my underwear and the smell. I'll have to wash them with something scented so that when they do warm up, they give off a nice pleasent smell! Usually I spray deodorant down there when I go for a training run, but I don't thnk that'll work for a 13.1 mile run!
  7. Yep, as the title suggests, it's happening... I'm running all 13.1 miles of the Great North Run, I'm a crazy man, I know, but whatever. If anyone can donate, that'll be awesome: http://bit.ly/g1sfS (I use that URL because I can track the clicks). Thanks for any donations, as you can see my target is £500, would be great to make that before the run. Here's a little rushed couple of photos I did whilst working on something else: Thanks very moochos
  8. Bazil

    Shoot Like Rankin

    Looks interesting: http://www.rankinlive.com/#/live_shoot His website: http://www.rankin.co.uk Personally, I really like his style, a style that certainly inspires me!
  9. Bazil

    Hola From Nigeria

    That suckaroos.
  10. Bazil

    Carry Me Away

    Second one is ace; the blur adds another dimension to it as well as helps to isolate the farm buildings. The first one I'm not hugely keen on, but I just looked at it again, whilst listening to King Of The Rodeo (Kings Of Leon) and suddenly felt a really nice tranquil feeling... So I guess it's all about your frame of mind.
  11. Bazil

    Hola From Nigeria

    Thanks. The coconuts aren't really very heavy, but these guys have to shimmy up and down trees to get to them, so they've gotta have very good upper body strength. I've got photos of them shimmying, but they're backed up on DVD and can't be arsed finding them right now. But it was epic for sure. I've never really had problems in London, only inside property where we haven't gotten a permit previously - had a bit of hassle in a few hotels, but we're usually able to talk them around to letting us continue shooting. I had more trouble in Bristol when I went to shoot some drum and bass guy and we got kicked out of a brewery place by the manager (even though the staff let us shoot there before the manager turned up, haha).
  12. Bazil

    Hola From Nigeria

    Haha mate, I brought an absolute stack of DVDs back with me! I've actually started a company out there - film and television production (looking to massively raise the bar on the standard of production out there in Nollywood and TV), we're negotiating a contract right now for a very well known reality based TV show that's being export out there; we're set to produce it. Anyway, I haven't really watched any of the DVDs, but I need to... But the experience I have with Nollywood films is that they're as slow as a snail and when you've finished watching one, you realise there was hardly anything to it. Thanks for the kind words everyone, really appreciate it! As for the shoot I talked about... It went great, slight bit of stress at the start but I improvised and soon it got easy. Good stuff! Will post results as soon as we've finished post on them. Thanks again.
  13. Bazil

    Hola From Nigeria

    Sorry for not getting back to ya'll and answering questions. A bit of honesty is required here on my part... The two guards are my uncle's, the kid with Mario Kart t-shirt is my Cousin's son and the girl with the shotgun is my other Cousin's daughter. She's the sweetest girl, but as soon as she picked that gun up and had the camera pointed at her, she turned into the most badass "child militia" looking girl. So yeah I asked to take the pictures, but I already knew the people in them, so it was all cool cool. Here're a couple more from Nigeria, from that same day. Another of my Uncle's guards on the left and coconut picker on the right: Tomorrow I'm shooting the entire board of O2 - 12 in total, including Ronan Dunne, who I shot a few months back for Inside O2 mag... I think I posted the pic here, if not: I'm excited about it, but it's one of those jobs where the money's more the incentive, rather than the actual work (which isn't the way it should be, but we've gotta earn, right?) - it's pretty much corperate stuff.
  14. Bazil

    Hola From Nigeria