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  1. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    Experiencing this firsthand right now. their RAW format is super faulty and doesn't read on Adobe at all (even with the newest update). I had to install raw file converter on the fuji site then convert them all to TIFF to use in lightroom.
  2. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

  3. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    but that extra $$ though. im unsure
  4. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    thinking about getting an x100s y/n?
  5. HarrysonT

    Olympus Xa

    I'm interested.
  6. HarrysonT

    Collective Behavior - Premiere Promo

    I'm looking forward to this
  7. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    sell me one
  8. HarrysonT


  9. HarrysonT

    Wtb Vx Charger

    I need a vx charger. Does anyone have one that they are trying to sell?
  10. you got that blue 5 panel still for sale? If so, can you send me a pic of it?

  11. HarrysonT

    Best Wireless Flash Trigger

    I have the Yongnuo ones and they work fine.
  12. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    I'm coming out with a full length video. Zane has some tricks in it.
  13. HarrysonT

    Random Photo Discussion

    anyone have an xa or stylus epic they're willing to part with? I'm looking
  14. HarrysonT

    Wtb: Panasonic Dvc30

    Still looking for one?