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  1. Video Electronics

    WTB: vx1000 (preferably japanese)

    Hey, if you look on Ebay there are a bunch being sold for parts, out of Japan. I've found that most are readily repairable. So, unless you're jammed for time, it might be a good way to go.
  2. Video Electronics

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    The age old vig problem. Replacing the VAP Unit is the only hope, but is not 100% effective. Sony would tell you that their lens is as perfect as it needs to be...to run a SONY wide angle lens. It was not designed with that Century lens in mind. With a tight, solid VAP there would be a significant change for the better though. If you look back at some of the classics, like fully flared, the vig is off. It's part of the VX1000's charm!
  3. Video Electronics

    vx question

    You left a message but I couldn't grab the phone number. You can email me...kerry@videoelectronics.tv and I'll shoot you the form to send with it. As with all repairs, I'd prefer not to get battery, tape, hood...just the cam and the form is great. Your welcome to call again during business hours, of course. 978-664-9992
  4. Video Electronics

    vx question

    does this happen while filming or just when a tape is inserted? The other issue is likely the power control block beginning to fail. Side note...all ok down there? I see you're in Durham
  5. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    agreed. Trying to find a mint anything 20 years into its life if tough though. Given enough time, money, and effort, "mint", or close to it, can be restored.
  6. Video Electronics

    Video Electronics

    Awesome brother...thank you
  7. Video Electronics

    Video Electronics

    An interview Lew did with Boston Voyager online magazine. The picture is priceless! http://bostonvoyager.com/interview/meet-lew-erlich-video-electronics-north-shore/
  8. Video Electronics

    VX1000 history.

    If anyone hasn't seen it, Jenkem did a great piece on the history of the VX1000, They kindly mentioned VE but that's not the reason to read it. I even learned a few things.
  9. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Blue Haze

    Not sure there are any perfect lenses left. Some are just better than others. The only way to be sure what you have and how easily it will integrate into the target cam is to actually do all the work and have a look. It's a lot of work
  10. Video Electronics

    Hazy Lens

    If you look in the lens and it looks fine, but your footage is hazy, the contamination is farther in and often in the one lens element that can't be accessed for cleaning or replacement.
  11. Just read the whole thread, as a break from repairs, and I'm nor sure whether to laugh or suggest therapy. Your thing though...run with it.
  12. Video Electronics

    Hazy Lens

    Whenever you're ready. When did it appear? When you replaced the VAP, did you replace lens and all or just the VAP?
  13. Video Electronics

    Hazy Lens

    You know, I've seen, and resolved that shadowbox effect 100 times and can't remember how. What your seeing is a convergence issue. It's not the Prism Block (CCD's), or the VAP though. To answer your question, yes the VAP is interchangeable between the Japanese and the English versions. The haziness is growth inside the lens. They all have it to some degree. If the lens is disassembled some of it can be cleaned but there are a couple of elements that can't be reached.
  14. Video Electronics

    Video Electronics

    When cams are sent in for repair, the less you send, the better. Just the cam and the form is ideal. No battery, charger, tape (unless one is stuck in the cam) Hood, even the eyepiece, unless you want it cleaned. No bag, if you can avoid it. The less you send, the less you pay in shipping, and the less to keep track of here in the shop. Thanks guys
  15. Video Electronics

    VX1000 color/shadow problem

    That is usually solder fractures in the video circuit. Almost ever VX that comes in these days has fractures. Just an age thing. Heating and cooling on the boards over all these years causes the solder to become brittle. I rework the area and they're good to go.