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  1. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    Well, there's always that approach! If you don't get the desired result....hit it harder. The video runs through pretty much every board in the cam except a few. Thee CC/MG boards are often near the top of the list,
  2. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    It's not ribbons. It's solder fractures in the circuit. tapping can help make and break connections. A "field fix" when you just need a few more hours out of it. Once it progresses, the only fix is a work bench, hi magnification, and a very small soldering iron.
  3. Chaos

    Got to view the clips, thank you. That's full on possession right there! Hahaha. Actually, I've seen it many times. Had one last week in fact. There's more than one thing that can cause or contribute but the one I just did needed a Main Board replaced and some software adjustments. The deck also got a tune up.
  4. vx1000 ribbon cable problem

    You have fractures in the video circuit. It's very common. If you smack the right side of the cam it will likely snap back in...for a short while anyway. boards need to be pulled, fractures found, and resoldering done. I see it daily in here.
  5. Replace internal battery VX2100

    Very few of the originals are still taking a charge. I did check and they are no longer available from Sony distribution and they were $24 each...there are 2. In case you want to go on the hunt for a replacement or "new old stock" somewhere, the Sony part number is 1-756-128-11 and, again you'll need 2.
  6. Chaos

    For some reason I'm unable to view those posts. If you want to email them I'll try and have a look...let you know what you've got. kerry@videoelectronics.tv Also, even if lightly used it's still over 20 years old (I assume you're talking about the VX1000) and like a car in storage, things go sideways just from sitting. Shoot me those clips. Not much that hasn't been seen in this shop.
  7. Replace internal battery VX2100

    The batteries are very specific. They have a solder tab on the positive side and there's a leaf that solders to the negative side angling over the top, making contact with the negative side of the battery. They are also rechargeable. To charge them, however, you need to be charging the main battery, with it in place on the back of the cam, using the original charger, plugged in to the power port, also at the rear of the cam. Since virtually nobody charges their batteries that way, and the original chargers are no longer with the cams, in many/most cases, once the lithium batts have failed most guys just live with it and reset the manual settings each time they shoot. Also, I don't think the batteries are available anymore. I manged to source an equivalent for the VX2000 for a customer that REALLY wanted to restore the features it allowed. Never looked for the ones for the 2100. Not sure I answered your question exactly?
  8. Hvx200 zoom sticking

    Very common. However, it can be caused by a bunch of different things. The lens itself can cause it. The rocker and associated electronics can. There's also 5 different ribbons that oxidize in the connectors sending weird signals. Used to see that ALL the time when the HVX was newer and more prevalent. Bottom line is it can be a relatively reasonable repair, or, at the other end, possibly too expensive to make it worthwhile. No way to really know without having it on the bench.
  9. VX1/Cap cam glitching

    You have access to another cap cam to test with? Also, every time you run a tape in the cap cam and slide it back to the VX, you're risking cross contamination. I'm sure you know this, but should be said for the benefit of readers who may not.
  10. VX2100 Chewing Up Tapes

    Hey, no, record and playback are the same in terms of the mechanics. If it eats tapes in one condition, it'll eat them in the other, unfortunately. It's not common for that cam to have intermittent mechanical issues. There's one possibility that comes to mind though. There are 2 Slider Assemblies...the Pinch Slider and the Brake Slider that are responsible for a good deal of the timing and operation of mechanical parts on the deck. Hard to explain without visual aids but now and then they are forced out of whack and the tape can't load properly/fully, so it doesn't run smoothly through the tape path, damaging the tape. Not a DIY I'm afraid. Basically the deck gets stripped down, identify and replace the culprit(s), and reset the timing/reassemble. Could be something entirely different but I've seen this enough time so that it's the first place I'd look. $175 to $225 is enough range to cover most other possibilities and give it the balance of a tune up and good cleaning. If you'd like me to have a look, email me and I'll shoot you the form to send with it. The 2100 is solid as a rock. Once serviced, you can expect a good deal of time before it'll need anything again.
  11. VX1 exposure button faulty

    Hahaha, whatever works! Gotta be in that wheel assembly. unusual but they do fail here and there. Easy part to replace if you're comfortable with removing the handle and side case. I can send you the part if you are.
  12. VX2100 Chewing Up Tapes

    It's possible that the 2100 is the culprit. If it's tune up time, tension/alignment off. So you've also seen this result on other peoples tapes when they use your 2100 to capture? Same physical damage?

    This forum wasn't designed for banter. Email me if you have concerns and I'll forward you the email string I have on the matter.

    Maybe we have a miscommunication. If you look back in the email string, you sent me video of what you wanted tracked down....this isn't it. It was a green haze that left traces when the lens moved and it was shot basically in darkness. Almost every VX I see has that haze you're now showing. Some less and some more but very few are free of it. So, unless it was made crystal clear that it was viewed as a problem, I wouldn't pay any attention to it.

    Most have it a lot worse than that. A haze forms over elements of the lens. Some of it can be cleaned but there's a couple that can't o once the process begins, and it has on pretty much every VX1000, you get what you get. If you own multiple cams, use the brighter ones for day shooting and the other for late in the day, evening shots maybe.