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  1. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    Ah, the 2025 is only for day date stamp and retaining settings. The color issues are likely solder fractures in the video circuit...very common. If it won't eject, the power circuit has been compromised, also common. Since the cam is new to you, there's no history, so what I'd uncover once I get it all apart is impossible to guess. The average range for repairs in general for the VX1000 is $150 to $250 if that helps give you an idea what to expect. I can be specific once I've gone through it. I'd let you know before doing the work.
  2. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    Oh, sorry for the slow response...tis the season in here!
  3. Video Electronics

    VX1000 Tape won't open, weird colors

    So, will the cam power on? If not it may be the battery but it's not uncommon for the cams power circuit to have failed. If it does power up, what happens when you try and eject?
  4. Video Electronics

    VX2100 tape blocked

    Not likely I'm afraid.You have more than one problem and they don't seem as though they can be related. There are so many things that will need to be exposed and tested, the odds are very high that more damage than good would result if it's not something you do every day. If it were something routine and relatively simple I'd have been more than happy to walk you through it and save the money. And you're right, shipping isn't cheap from overseas. Between $50 and $60 each way depending on where you are. It was almost $80 to Tasmania. If you know Guillaume P and his crew in Paris, (they released "I Luv Kiev" a couple years back) you might ask him if he knows someone there. He used to send here but it got costly with multiple cams.
  5. Video Electronics

    VX2100 tape blocked

    I got an email over the weekend from France, which I responded to this morning. Not sure if that was you but I believe the cam is on it's way today. If it wasn't you, feel free to send it with the form and I'll go through it for you. DON'T need a battery, tape, hood, etc. Just the cam and the form. Let me know to expect it. Oh, edit search failures and not ejecting are common problems for the VX1000 but not the VX2000 or 2100
  6. Video Electronics

    vx1000 pink blotches

    No, it's very repairable. In and out in 1 to 2 days
  7. Video Electronics

    vx1000 pink blotches

    It probably does. I've seen it several times. It's generally the prism block. Check a recording though to rule out it just being the viewfinder.
  8. Video Electronics

    WTB: Century Optics Mark 1 Fisheye Screw Mount ***

    Try Jorge in Houston. He's a distributor for Century/Schneider. Usually has used as well as new 3ccdsales@gmail.com. Also has an instagram but I forget what it is. VX1000market maybe?
  9. Video Electronics

    Happy 15th Birthday

    Happy birthday SP! Now as old as many of the guys were when they joined. Thanks Steve and crew for all the time and energy required to build and maintain. A lot of successful filmers cut their teeth here.
  10. Video Electronics

    Vx 1000 won't turn on

    If you're sure your batteries have enough left t do the job, I'd have a look at the RS-63 board. Odd that it would or could fail when it's not been powered up in years. You hear anything rattling around inside?
  11. Video Electronics

    Mk2 v2 lens scratch repair

    Tough situation all around. Have you reached out to Jorge in Houston? He's a distributor for Schneider. He's a pretty busy guy but worth a try. If that front element is available, he can get it. kerry@videoelectronics.tv and I'll get you his info.
  12. Video Electronics

    Vx1000 Blue Bars When Shutter Speed Is Above S60

    Hey, sorry, the site has been locking me out somehow. Been able to read but not respond. It's been 3 1/2 years since this particular failure was discussed and I honestly don't remember what the resolution was. Wondering if there some refraction going on inside the lens because of contamination. Hope this gets through
  13. Video Electronics

    WTB: vx1000 (preferably japanese)

    Hey, if you look on Ebay there are a bunch being sold for parts, out of Japan. I've found that most are readily repairable. So, unless you're jammed for time, it might be a good way to go.
  14. Video Electronics

    VX1k - MK1 vignetting aligment

    The age old vig problem. Replacing the VAP Unit is the only hope, but is not 100% effective. Sony would tell you that their lens is as perfect as it needs to be...to run a SONY wide angle lens. It was not designed with that Century lens in mind. With a tight, solid VAP there would be a significant change for the better though. If you look back at some of the classics, like fully flared, the vig is off. It's part of the VX1000's charm!
  15. Video Electronics

    vx question

    You left a message but I couldn't grab the phone number. You can email me...kerry@videoelectronics.tv and I'll shoot you the form to send with it. As with all repairs, I'd prefer not to get battery, tape, hood...just the cam and the form is great. Your welcome to call again during business hours, of course. 978-664-9992