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  1. VX1000 color/shadow problem

    That is usually solder fractures in the video circuit. Almost ever VX that comes in these days has fractures. Just an age thing. Heating and cooling on the boards over all these years causes the solder to become brittle. I rework the area and they're good to go.
  2. HPX250 not powering up

    Probably should have added that I'll be glad to go through it and determine exactly whats going on. I could be way off the mark. At least you'd know for sure.
  3. HPX250 not powering up

    A lot of digging and also spoke to a Panasonic Engineer. No bulletins for any problems like that. He felt as I do that it was an induced failure and the only fix would be a main board replacement. I priced on out on a 170 recently and it was not an option. $800 or $900 as I recall. Just for the board...then software adjustments. I can get you specific pricing but it's not looking good. Sorry man
  4. HPX250 not powering up

    Nothing leaps to mind other than the possibility of a corrupt microprocessor due to corrosion. Something that is not a naturally occurring failure, but an induced one. I'll do a little digging and see if there are/were any service bulletins from Panasonic but I'm guessing not. May take a little time but I'll post again once I know. Or you can send it and I'll have a look
  5. vx1000 audio - volume peaks way too high

    Ha, so you do. Sorry didn't put the 2 together. Talk soon
  6. vx1000 audio - volume peaks way too high

    That's an unusual one. All audio blowing out or getting low are the way a problem usually begins to reveal itself. There are a few possibilities, all board level failures. Nothing you can compensate for with settings I'm afraid. It'll need to see a shop. If you don't have one you trust I'll be glad to have a look for you.
  7. Japanese Vx1000 problem

    Sent it this morning and emailed you. Now you have a link back to me so just let me know when it's on the way
  8. Japanese Vx1000 problem

    Email me...kerry@videoelctronics and let me know when it's on the way if you want me to look at it. The form to send with it is in the upper part of this forum, or grab it from our website, or I can email it to you. I don't need a battery, tape, hood...just the cam and the form is perfect.
  9. Another viewfinder ribbon cable issue...

    Sorry, I was out yesterday. Storm had downed trees blocking roads out of my town. And yes, this is Kerry, hey! Just shoot me an email...kerry@videoelectronics.tv with your name and mailing address. Then shoot over $24 USD through Paypal (use my email address as the pay to on Paypal). I'll drop on in the mail
  10. Japanese Vx1000 problem

    The beeping is telling you that the load motor can't do what you're asking it to. Generally means the power circuit, or sections of it, are blown. Usually a screw or 2, 3, have backed out and are floating around in the cam. The power circuit is at the bottom of the cam so, thanks to gravity, it/they wind up at the bottom and short things out.
  11. Another viewfinder ribbon cable issue...

    We get a lot of cams from Europe, and every other country actually, so there can't be many that know what they're doing. Where are you in Europe?
  12. Another viewfinder ribbon cable issue...

    Hey, If your footage comes out clean, then yes, a viewfinder problem, and likely the ribbon though there are a few other possibilities
  13. Dropping Frames Upon Capture VX2100

    Good thing you didn't drop $400 on it huh? Still blows me away. The average repair on a 2100 is usually about half that in here. Try messaging a moderator in one of the filming forums maybe? You can't be the only guy that's had this problem
  14. Dropping Frames Upon Capture VX2100

    Can't really reason that one out. What are the chances that 2 VX2100's have exactly the same issue. But why will the cap cam work fine on someone elses tape. How can it appear to play fine if watching it on the cap cam, and drop frames in the computer. Just doesn't add up. I have to think there's a setting mismatch somewhere. Someone here will know I'm sure. Hang in there
  15. Dropping Frames Upon Capture VX2100

    $400 repair is insane, first off. What is the result if you cap with the 2100? Also what is your audio set to record at...12 bit or 16 bit?