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  1. __fastburg

    Buying Mk1

    Hit my boy Max up. He's buying a bayo mount mk1. Text him, willing to spend around $500 804 922 9206 Or on fb Max Mattoon Thanks dogs
  2. __fastburg

    Late Night Losers Promo

    good job man
  3. __fastburg

    Looking For A Picture

    haha rad but not it
  4. It's 3 girls, an Indian with a unibrow, a fat girl, and they're all SUPER ugly and they're like in a classroom or something. I saw it on here a while back.
  5. Those crusty VA spots
  6. __fastburg


    follow skatevan, they post chicks & skate stuff, pretty tite
  7. __fastburg


    At a moments notice huh? Like Pulaski in dc? I got my board taken there a few months ago, I'm not trying to go through that again.
  8. I'm going this weekend, and it's just going to be me and 1 other guy as a short 3 day trip. I'm looking for some spots, people who live in the area that would be out skating that day, anything like that. I've never been to Philly so I'm really excited but I don't know where anything is. We'll probably be in the city part the whole time. Specific spots looking for would just be cool downtowny shit, good ledges, some mellow gaps, maybe a little handrail or two. Hit me up about it! We'll be there Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and leaving Sunday.
  9. __fastburg

    Bad Handrail Sack

    god damn
  10. __fastburg

    Super Gnarly Lens Hit

    CHARLEY this is nick kassebaum haha And nope not a single scratch. it was like nothing happened. Optekas are tough as nails!
  11. watch it comment sub dont let this happen to you!
  12. __fastburg

    Weekly Clip 1.

    channel called "HD clips weekly" video is not HD
  13. __fastburg

    6 Kinks And Hoodlums

    that was the goofiest thing ive ever seen. why would someone do tricks on skiis?
  14. just use firefox. why is your web browsing so special that firefox and chrome aren't good enough for it?