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  1. .Flip.

    Wtb: .43x Opteka.

    I got a kenko its 37mm threads if you wanna buy it
  2. .Flip.


    post what u got, I want some hard wheels like 50-53mm
  3. ill buy that babydeath asap
  4. .Flip.

    Fs: Ps3 +ps3 Games+xbox Games+ Cap Cam

    ill buy guitar hero
  5. .Flip.

    Wtb: Ms Duo Memory Card, At Least 4 Gigs

    is the the memory sick that goes into the psp?
  6. .Flip.

    43mm Opteka Fisheye

    kind of a lowball, but how about $50 + ipod nano 4 gb
  7. .Flip.

    Xbox Harddrive

    tell me what u have and ill offer
  8. .Flip.

    Wtb Skate 1 Or 2

    your a fucking dumbass, they are overpriced basterds and dont fucking post if you aren't going to contrbuite and I want it for an xbox 360
  9. .Flip.

    Wtb Skate 1 Or 2

    hit me up if you got one
  10. .Flip.

    Cod 4 For Xbox 360

    pm me
  11. .Flip.

    Fallen Ride The Sky Or Fully Flared

    how much shipped
  12. yeah hit me up if u got one
  13. .Flip.

    Xbox 360 + Accessories

    ill buy halo 3 or cod mw2
  14. .Flip.

    The Filming Netjiot

    What type of file do u guys use for an hd camers I have .mts from my hf10 (avchd) and I dont like it
  15. .Flip.


    i got a backpack, its like the 200eg its name is lowepro micro trekker 100 i jus looked it up, its a bit smaller what are u puttin in ther?