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  1. coopo95

    Fs: Fuji Gw670ii

    I love this camera, but I really need some money right now. Will post pics later. Asking 350.
  2. coopo95

    Random Photo Discussion

    any 1 want to make a trade for my gw670ii?
  3. coopo95

    New New

    I just wanted to be more physical with the photographs, there's not really anything deeper. It's hard for me to put meaning behind a lot of stuff I do but I guess that is why I like it.
  4. coopo95

    New New

    I don't think there is necessarily a "right way to do it". I like the artists you told me to look at, but there way isn't necessarily "right" either although the may be more established. I'm just going to keep doing it how I want to and what I envision, not how its supposed to be done. Appreciate the critique though.
  5. coopo95

    New New

    And thanks everyone for the kind words
  6. coopo95

    New New

    Fuck man I wish, don't know how to go about doing that haha.
  7. coopo95

    Black And Whites

    good framing on all, I really like the lighting on the 3rd.
  8. coopo95

    Random Photo Discussion

    http://www.cooperlarsen.org/ Organization going up on a saturday
  9. coopo95


    thanks dude means a lot