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  1. Exhumed

    Fuck Yea Bearperception!

    I went to Belgium in August and brought back some Westvleteren 8 and 12 as well as a few bottles of Cantillon. Waiting for a special occasion to open the Westy 12, but I had the 8 and it was my favorite Belgian beer ever. I wen to Lost Abbey brewery yesterday and picked up a couple of bottle of Mongo IPA.
  2. Exhumed

    Battlefield 3

    Going to have to build a new computer just for this game. I played a ton of BF2 and miss it.
  3. Anyone have one for sale? I am going to Europe in August and want something I can throw in my pocket and not worry about too much.
  4. Bonktown does the same for bike stuff. http://www.bonktown.com/
  5. Exhumed


    My Er-6i's were about 50 and have lasted me over a year. Buy nice or buy a million shitty Skullcandy headphones. And there are better alternatives to Bose for the price. Do some research.
  6. Exhumed

    Any Ogs Still Here...?

    I just post in AAG or the Video/Games/Movies section.
  7. Exhumed

    Brew Masters

    Yeah that stuff is too expensive. I'm getting into wines as well. Just like to try different blends to see what I like the best. Not trying to get 40+ dollar bottles right now. I live close to Temecula, CA and there are a tone of wineries there so I've been wine tasting several times. My freind gave me a Deschute's Dark Abyss for Christmas. Can't wait to try that later!
  8. Exhumed

    Brew Masters

    I was looking for the new Thursday episode on my DVR and nothing showed up. Last week was the last scheduled episode that they have on the site. I guess they have to see if they are doing another season. My girlfriend, who is not a beer drinker, enjoys watching the show with me. So I think if someone who isn't really a fan of beer, can enjoy watching it they must have had decent ratings. I hope.
  9. Exhumed

    Black Swan

    Saw it on Saturday in Irvine, CA. The movie was amazing! It seriously was so intense and kept me wanting more the whole time. I think the score was phenomenal and added so much to the movie. The only thing that sucked was the group of people in the row behind us. I think they were drunk/drinking and they would laugh at the stupidest shit. It was so annoying.
  10. Exhumed

    Brew Masters

    I think I payed 13 bucks with tax included.
  11. Exhumed

    Black Swan

    Waiting till the 10th to see it because I am too lazy to drive out to LA. Looking forward to seeing it!
  12. Exhumed

    Brew Masters

    Been watching since I am a big fan of DFH beers. Definitely enjoyed both episodes, The chicha beer gave some cool history on the Inca civilization and how important the beer was in their culture. Miles Davis Bitches Brew beer is one of my favorites by DFH. I had the first bottle on my birthday in September and have had 2 more bottles after that. Such a delicious beer and it's easy to drink the whole bottle because it isn't as thick as most stouts. Had some Punkin Ale on Thanksgiving as well as Saison Dupont and La Trappe Quad. Also, for anyone with a Trade Joe's nearby they are selling 750ml bottle of their Vintage Ale. It is brewed by Unibroue and is 9% for only $4.99. Good deal!
  13. Exhumed

    Black Friday Time

    Bought my girlfriend a Nook for $86. Kind of want one myself now.
  14. Is this a trend? I've noticed a lot of cars (especially vw's) with those roof racks but nothing on them.