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  1. Posting this for Nick Ingram, known him for a long time and done many flawless deals with him. Legit guy. Those of you who've dealt with me before know I'm legit, I just haven't really been in the filming game since I left for college
  2. skater1121995

    The D-slr Netjiot.

  3. skater1121995

    Mac G5 Fs/ft

    For kyle spencer, he's a really legit dude.
  4. skater1121995

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    eh mines been in for nearly a year and going strong, I wouldn't be too worried. I usually forget to switch it off too.
  5. skater1121995

    The D-slr Netjiot.

    Well not all variable aperture lenses flicker as you zoom, but there will still be light loss.
  6. skater1121995

    Ryan Jackson For President

    Thanks man, and I've been focused on work/sailing alot over the past few months, haven't really skated that much.
  7. skater1121995

    Ryan Jackson For President

    First time filming in two months, not my best.
  8. skater1121995

    Fs/ft: Dvx

    All yours nickypoo
  9. skater1121995

    Final Cut Pro X

    I feel like this video sums up what's missing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXepNCs_iZo
  10. skater1121995

    Shoes You Wear When Not Skating.

    Boating/chillan Times when I need to look semi nice (like school uniforms nshit)
  11. skater1121995

    The Post Production Netjiot

    So today I was talking to my media arts teacher and he was like yeah, all the macs have cs5.5 now, final cut x was just so bad.
  12. skater1121995


    Changed my mind about going over to the boat house sunday, that surge is gonna fuck shit up. My new plan is to get all my sailing gear on (drysuit, lifejacket, strobe light, etc) and go kayaking in the streets.
  13. skater1121995


    So fucking ready