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  1. notleobanuelos

    Selling Mk1 $650 Shipped

    still for sale?
  2. notleobanuelos

    Fs: **mint** Mark1

    Yo! Still for sale? Message me! I can't message you because "DecaturSkater cannot receive any new messages."
  3. notleobanuelos

    Boston / Nyc / Chicago / 2013

    Thanks man. I appreciate the feedback. It's hard to actually get a well constructed opinion of my work nowadays. I considered splitting the video, but I felt like it would take away from the whole trip. Like people watching one section over the other. Song choice is what kept this video from being posted for a little while. I had a list of songs that I wanted to use (not hip-hop) but none of them went well with the skating or the "feel" of the video. It was quite frustrating. Especially because I had wanted to use some songs for a long time now. Once again. Appreciate your opinion man. Take it easy/
  4. My friends and I took a two week road trip recently. This is a little something I made with the footage that isn't being saved. This is also my first edit with my new camera.
  5. notleobanuelos

    What Export Settings Do You Use For Your "panasonic Hpx170"?

    Anybody have any recent tips or settings to use. I'm having some difficulty finding a medium.
  6. My local shop wanted me to put together a little introduction video of my buddy Salomon. This is mostly extra footy laying around. He's got a part coming out this summer in an independent video.
  7. notleobanuelos


    I did just realize this song was used in Worship Friendship. I'm an idiot and forgot until some kid pointed it out to me on YouTube. Sorry Jackson.
  8. notleobanuelos


    I haven't posted one of my montages on here in ages. This is going to be one of my last edits with the VX. It will be missed dearly.
  9. notleobanuelos

    Inner Lens Shaking

    Is your steady shot on?
  10. notleobanuelos

    A John Hill Video Part

    Damn. That was really good. I would hope he's getting hooked up considering he's this good and has a shop sponsor.
  11. notleobanuelos

    What The Fuck Is Transworld Doing?

    Somebody's a Keelan Dadd fan...
  12. notleobanuelos

    2 Pairs Of Floral Janoskis Size 10 And 11 Cheap

    I'm confused. The box says $89.99
  13. notleobanuelos

    Front Plastic Piece Of Vx1000 Snapped Off

    I'm not sure how the J-B Weld works, or if it works at that. DO NOT use superglue to fix your VAP Unit. I made that rookie mistake years ago. The vapors from the superglue turn the inside of your lens white. It really sucks. I got it fixed through Video Electronics though. If you're good with money right now. I would e-mail kerry@videoelectronics.tv and he might have a spare VX laying around in which he could do a "transplant." I'm not sure how much it is though.
  14. notleobanuelos

    Vx1000 + Mk1

    It would depend where outside the US and definitely over $600 because I'm sure the shipping cost won't be too cheap.