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    this is greasy my dude
  2. Mamiya and cactus triggers: SOLD
  3. Hey guys. Gotta make some cash. If you need to get a hold of me the best way is by texting 443-624-1249. If you need more photos, info, photo example using any of this equipment, or anything- just ask. I'm in savannah so we can meet up if you're anywhere close. up for grabs: Epson v600 scanner. $100. I don't have the film holders because they were garbage. Get some betterscanning.com glass and go that route. Vivitar 285hv's- selling as a set for $150. Cactus v5 transceivers. Selling as a set for $80 Mamiya rb67 proS- $150. The back has occasional light leaks. I'd get her resealed or grab a new back for cheap. Comes with the 120 back, WLF, and 90mm f3.8 Yashica mat 124g- $100
  4. codyreigle

    Bs Flip

    it's great man. my bag has never been lighter and i'm surprised by the results every time.
  5. codyreigle

    Bs Flip

    Brennan Harkins, Savannah GA Xpro-1, Rokinon fisheye Really been trying to get down fisheye whenever i shoot.
  6. codyreigle

    Random Photo Discussion

    Ill be in NYC from september 5th-11th anybody wanna skate????
  7. codyreigle

    X-pro1 / Xe1 Body

  8. codyreigle

    Random Photo Discussion

    anybody looking to buy an xpro-1/35mm...?
  9. codyreigle

    Any Photographers On Tumblr?

  10. codyreigle

    First Fisheye Photos

    First time using a fisheye, lemme know what i can do to get the best out of it. im super stoked on how they came out. Fuji xpro1 Rokinon 8mm (anybody else using this set-up?) Clay Stein - Ollie Taylor Manley- Crook to Fakie Jordan Anstatt- Hurricane
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    What do you mean? you don't like his style? i dig it
  12. codyreigle


    Clay Stein BS blunt Savannah, GA fuji xpro-1, 35mm, 1 viivitar285hv to the right Flickr has over sharpened this some and it looks better large -- https://www.flickr.com/photos/heylight/13552656174/in/photostream/
  13. codyreigle


    Taylor Manley, right outside savannah Fuji xpro-1, two vivitar 285hv's Self critique- the wall is distracting, it should either be lit all the way or not at all. any feedback is appreciated dudes!