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  1. joey skates

    An Optical Poem

  2. joey skates

    Kickstarter For Film

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/600871438/new-york-residency-film I am reaching out to you guys for help to raise money for my kickstarter. I recently got accepted into a studio residency program and I am moving to New York City for a semester. I know that this seems far from skateboarding, but I grew up filming skateboarding and visiting this website. If anyone could check this out, possibly sharing it, and ideally donate that would be really sweet. Thank you for everything skate perception
  3. joey skates

    Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera $495

    I haven't seen any coverage about this on here yet, but last week the black magic pocket cinema camera's price dropped in half to just $495. Has anyone used this for skateboarding specifically? How does it hold up? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/964117-REG/blackmagic_design_blackmagic_pocket_cinema_camera.html
  4. joey skates

    Artists Like Adeodat Warfield

    why do you need an artist like him he has like 12 albums haha
  5. joey skates

    Best Intentions

    Sup haha
  6. joey skates

    D-slr Buyers Advice Thread

    So is there any fisheye option for the black magic pocket camera yet? I kinda looked into it at the time and I figured I would give it a while longer but it still seems like no one has messed with it.
  7. joey skates

    Gh2 Rec Modes

    Yeah I used to have problems with avchd files on my old pc when I had a "bad copy" of premiere pro but ever since I got a mac and I got the adobe suite legally through my school it has been flawless.
  8. I did mine locally, ended up being way cheaper than I thought too only $150 for 100 copies. Just look up DVD duplication services in your city and I'm sure there will be some. I found some other ones and it looks like you shouldn't be paying more than $1.50 a dvd especially if you are making 300 copies.
  9. joey skates

    Best Intentions

    haha sorry I don't shoot in 4k next time tho
  10. from yours ^ I don't shoot much but I was real hyped on how this turned out flickr
  11. joey skates

    Best Intentions

    out of kansas city missouri
  12. joey skates

    Gh2 Lenses

    nah dude, doesn't matter. any lens will work
  13. joey skates

    Sakar/kodak Micro Four Thirds Fisheye?

    wow, that looks amazing, all 3 of them. I hope they don't take year(s) to release these. Also it is very strange out of everything they'd make a fisheye lens opposed to a wide angle. There doesn't seem to be any other practicality for them besides skateboarding if you ask me.
  14. joey skates

    Fine Bibbbbbbs

    needs a bump
  15. joey skates

    Skateperception Full Length

    The only way I could see this working is if it became a contest-like sort of thing. So basically everyone would put together their own edits (similar to United Nations or the Cinematographer Project) and send them to one guy who then selects the best ones to be "parts" in the full length video. As far as a randoms part goes the head editor would just ask for specific clips of the people who didn't have their full edited part in the video.That is the only way I could see it working but also there would be an hd vs sd thing going on too I'd assume. edit: just sayin, got like 9 likes on this, wsupp