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  1. mikeweb42


    fuck i get this shit too n so im in my sk8 park jus chillin and some little like 9 year old rolls in wid a vx1 opteka death setup and some other kid asked if he wanted an mk1 and kids like no no the opteka is the best and widest fisheye ever made for the sony dcr 100
  2. mikeweb42


    its basically the same tape just try it and capture see wht happens
  3. mikeweb42

    Decent 3chip + Fisheye Under $600

  4. mikeweb42

    Vx1 Is Fucking Up, Help Me Out!

    ya might be a main board fracture.send it to ve
  5. mikeweb42

    How To Get No Vig

    no steady shoot take sunshade off
  6. mikeweb42

    Warehouse Montage

    tht was good.the place looks fun to sk8
  7. mikeweb42

    I Did It!

    fuck y a bring the footy.but tht thing is so big
  8. mikeweb42

    Hvx200a On-camera Lighting

    id say just go wid a freezi mini fill
  9. mikeweb42

    138 Vote

    1. C.Burt 2. NYClurker 3. Tim Cisilino
  10. mikeweb42

    Custom Bayo

    i asked about tht once and made a thred asking when i was gonna get an fx7 the oly thing people told me was tht u could mod the bayo to fit it or somthing
  11. mikeweb42

    Corn Nut

    hahaha tht sux just take it apart and hope u know wht ur doin
  12. mikeweb42

    Am I Getting Ripped Off?

    id say just sell it here or ebay fuck craigs list
  13. mikeweb42


    go wid whts ery1 is sayin sell the raymod get na mk1 youll be so much happyier
  14. mikeweb42

    Is It Right That I Have A 25 Minute Hd Skateboard Dvd

    well if it locks good and not like the same shit every clip than it should be good
  15. mikeweb42

    New To A Vx1k

    first 2 ebay frezzi u wont get cheap usually just go to b and h