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  1. sabbath294

    How To Nollie Backside Flip

    you dont even know the guy..apk is a dear friend of mine and happens to be the man
  2. sabbath294

    Drop In Skatepark Lame Shings Gay

    you've gone too far
  3. sabbath294

    Ripndip Summer Line 2011

    The owner of RIPNDIP (Ryan Oconnor) will be taking over this thread.
  4. sabbath294

    Ripndip Nermal Boards

    Ryan Oconnor asked me to make this thread. New nermal boards are in and sp members can get a discount of 10% and a free backpack if they use the code SPFREEBACKPACK when ordering a board at http://ripndip.bigcartel.com/product/nermal-boards help out ripndip
  5. sabbath294

    Nyc Weekend

    yeah i do
  6. sabbath294

    Nyc Weekend

    got some nice weather this weekend so I went to nyc with a couple homies and made this tasty lick.
  7. sabbath294

    Zak Depiero

    i saw that when i went...who the hell wrote that
  8. sabbath294

    Zak Depiero

    as most of you know on here myself and Sean Dahlberg (Seandee) are joining together to make a full length video called "Mama's Boys". Zak is going to have a part and what better way to hype it up then giving you guys a little sneak preview of his footy. Enjoy and hope you all will support us and buy a copy when it comes out. title was done by Seandee--hand drawn and scanned in..
  9. sabbath294

    Sunday Fundays

    went to new haven yesterday with my boy Chad Wade and found the only dry spot in miles..luckily its probably the best spot around for miles..enjoy the sunday funday-ness!
  10. i used cinema tools to change the frame rate..at first i used AE and it looked like shit..i thought this looked way smoother
  11. http://ripndip.bigcartel.com/product/ripndip-purple-flannel Zak DePiero in the RND (Boss) Flannel. Check out the 4 new styles of flannels to keep you warm this winter!
  12. We got bored the other night and decided to go to a local parking garage for a little fun sesh.
  13. We got about two feet of snow the other day so a bunch of us took a trip to Drop In for the day and met up with some homies. Enjoy it bitches
  14. sabbath294

    Skate Soup #1

    Thanks dude. I'm glad you liked it. I was on a Foundation trip to Woodward West and was trying to get a job with Foundation but they couldn't afford a filmer. The TM asked me if I would want to work at Thrasher so I said yes and he hooked me up with the editor of Thrasher. After about a month, I got an email back from him asking to see my footage. He liked everything I sent him so we talked for another month or two about me working for them. He was looking at other filmers as well for the job but when they got the budget approved for a So Cal filmer, he called me and offered me the job. ahh thats so dope man..well alls i gotta say is enjoy it and keep on keeping on