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  1. mothafizzy

    Moar fotos plz

    Ha ! I know ! I've got another month of shooting I want to do them get some re-scans and prints made. We'll get it in the works soon lets grab a beer sometime !
  2. mothafizzy

    To bring it back

    I guess it could seem that way, but in the sense aren't all skate photos staged really? The scene was just a beach that we went and set up a ramp and built a fire at sun down, feel like not including all of the elements there would be missing the potential of it. I didn't remove the firewood and lighter fluid as someone else asked just because it was there, I've never been into moving and altering much in an area just working with it. Thanks
  3. mothafizzy

    To bring it back

    Thanks ! the 1st one still has that in the frame simply because that is just how the scene was; we drove our ramp out onto the beach, set it up and made a fire and just skated and had some beers all evening. Dope time, but I didn't want both moving stuff since that's just how the night was. I did battle with the horizon on these, the ground where the ramp is was off a lot, if I shot simply off the horizon the ramp was super crooked so just took it too a happy medium I felt of both. On the 2nd, yeah I wish there was some more I could have gotten out, was still shooting a roll of Tri-X at 1600iso so contrast on the negative is super dense; but the scan definitely feels more contrasted the darkroom prints I did yielded a little more, should have scanned the print.
  4. mothafizzy

    Moar fotos plz

    Feel like I have shot more photos outside of skating, but been hell of slacking for the last couple years.. During a long photo/skate trip around the country in the last months of 2015 I ended up rolling the hell out of my ankle warming up at LES, ended up needed surgery and was out for almost a year from that injury. Hopefully when work is more stable can focus on photos as much as I want to. Flag Wavers - Veterans Day Parade - New York City 2015 Woman Leaving the Bus Stop - San Francisco 2015 Old School car Late at Night - San Francisco 2015
  5. mothafizzy

    full circle.

    Super jealous of the hexar, saw you had that setup when I was down for Halsi's show. Super jealous of how good these are too
  6. mothafizzy

    To bring it back

    Wish SP coming back after this long I would have more to share; shooting skating here in Jax has been difficult from getting people to want to skate not the new park or ever hit me up if someone is out filming anymore. And whenever I travel its for my own photography outside of skating. Hopefully can manage more this year since this is back though. 1st - Paul Hart - Ollie to Fakie - Jacksonville, FL Shot on our portable miniramp we took out onto the beach a couple years back. Fun sesh that was. 2nd - Taylor Greenspan - Front Smith - Atlanta, GA Shot for the filming of Ryan Kings' (the filmer) video "Welcome to Wahzzieville" awhile back. One of the best times filming for that video too.
  7. mothafizzy


    Last one is money
  8. mothafizzy

    First Timer. Tmax100,d76.

    Next time maybe try agitating when developing a little more than you have been, that should bring out the contrast some and a little bit grain. It's good to have that tonal range because if you do darkroom prints you can add contrast filters to better control your highlights and shadows and when scanning you have all the post process options you could ever use to fix what you don't like.
  9. mothafizzy

    Fs Boardslide

    This is a very interesting comp for this I like it a lot. Looks like you just dropped your highlights -100% though, not sure what's up with that kind of makes the photo really muddy doesn't really work here for me. I'm down with highlight detail, but I think you went a little too much on it here could definitely bring back some contrast and make him pop more by throwing some highlights back. Other than than, hell yeah it's a sick ass shot.
  10. mothafizzy

    15 Stair Dwarf Hubba

    This is ill! It's kind of odd how the light is just falling on the certain part of the stairs, but it's pleasant at the same time. All I can say that I would enjoy a little more in a slight step forward to have cropped out the dark break in the stair at the bottom of the frame or dodge it out some, for how dark it is, it's a little distracting in competing with his dark figure.
  11. mothafizzy

    Back Smith

    Fish works so much better to me. Would have personally liked a stop or so more of ambient to just warm it up some. But hyphy this is ill.
  12. mothafizzy


    Been in a weird shooting lull lately, not sure what it has been. For awhile I got obsessed with shooting in color after a black and white regiment, now I started falling back to black and white and struggled with color ideas, then just lost all motivation to shoot. Still not there, but shot this yesterday in many hours of wandering around town and idk what it is, not the most interesting photo but maybe just talking to them about photos and taking their pictures. It saved my inspiration for a little whatever it is. Thought I'd share. Photographer's block.
  13. mothafizzy


    I like the concept, but I don't think it works here. The mirror is too far for the effect it provides from the skater and all of the area around the mirror doesn't do anything for the photo at all. (I know not really possible since it's mounted) but if maybe if you could move the mirror to an interesting ' mirror fisheye' place and get your background around the mirror to play more on the spot or accentual the skating it would be much more interesting.
  14. mothafizzy


    I'm digging the shit out of the vibe on the first !
  15. mothafizzy

    The Ol' Backside K Grind & Gap To Back Fifty

    I'm probably going to go too into it on this, but I'm going. First, I'd post next time in the next image size up; these are too small. I usually see these on your flickr first so it's not a big problem with me, but it makes it easier and the next size is still fits fine. Just my lil nitpick Looking at both of these looks like you have gotten more into your curves/levels. They are both pretty contrasty, which I think works much better in the second image than the first. The crook has just too much light wrapping around him and with how much contrast is on the entire frame and not him isn't the most pleasing 'pop out' for the skater to have. I see what you were going for with framing and over exposing to make him pop on a white sky, but it's a little too contrasty and just not there. In the first the really close crop from the stairs to the edge of the frame is a little too close, i'd give it some more space next time for a more open atmosphere. Also, just nitpicking, I feel like this would have worked many different ways with many different angles but would have been nice to see him completely framed in the sky with arms inside too. I'd play around some more and work the spot some. Second, I really dig your position on shooting this. I think the higher contrast works a lot better here than the first for sure, but your skater is starting to get a little hot, but I still like where it is at. Only other thing is that light sticking out of his shadow is super distracting to me. If it's ambient was playing a bigger part in this I'd say leave it, but since it's not I'd just take it out I keep getting drawn to it. Personally I'm not usually a big fan of shadows if I can help it, this does have a play on balance with him though that I like so it works for me. Looks like just two flashes and it's a sick use of them to me. I'm in the same boat I'm just now getting back into shooting skating more often after a decent hiatus from it so I'm excited to get back at it. Keep bringing them photos out player !!