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  1. EmeryCloth

    Prototype Mk1 Ring For Vx2k

    Thanks man, I didn't even know your company existed. I have two VX2100s, and may be purchasing soon. Thank you again Steve!
  2. Yeah it's all LL. I couldn't get in there with the fish during the comp. I've been loving my custom colour preset on full recently. Let me know what you think of my editing and that.
  3. EmeryCloth

    Wolftown - Electric Wolf

    Here's the second installment of Electric Wolf. Filmed in Barcelona with a VX2100e April / May 2015.
  4. WolfTown - Electric Wolf. I edited this with the spare footage I have collated over the last two years. Featuring Henry Fox, Ali Watson, Sean Baker and more. Filmed in the West Midlands, UK. Im open to editing critique!
  5. EmeryCloth

    Wisconsin Skateboarding 2015

    Everything was nice about this edit
  6. We visited Ian Bird down LDN last weekend. We filmed a little clip in between street skating at Frontside Gardens...
  7. So I released a full WolfTown (UK) video earlier this year, but this is one of the first real, proper park montages i've made. I've recently found out what the 'custom colour preset' button does, so excuse the difference in colours... But yeah let me know what you guys think!
  8. EmeryCloth

    Joey Marinone Full Part

    bump. sick stuff man!
  9. EmeryCloth

    Simon Bannerot Part

    Love it. Good filming, tidy editing, good skating and great song. Only thing I can say is get slightly closer with your fish. But all around sweet stuff man.
  10. The only way the World will 'end' is when all the pollution destroys it. Such as the CO.2 gases, causing the oceans to change height levels etc.
  11. EmeryCloth

    Titus Tour To Athens - Greece

    Nice colours all the way through. And the filming was great too.
  12. EmeryCloth

    3 Out Rail.

    Excellent filming/colors. Spot on.
  13. EmeryCloth

    The Official Berrics Thread

    Anyway, there is gonna be a much much much better game on tomorrow. Who do you reckons gonna win? Jamie Thomas or Dennis Busenitz Busenitz.
  14. EmeryCloth

    Luan Oliveria

    Luan is my favourite skater! Love his style. The footage is filmed well. Also, when will Extremely Sorry be premiering?
  15. EmeryCloth

    Throwaway Montage

    Well filmed and edited. I liked the way you edited the guy skatin over the rail, with the tree. The song was a tiny bit too loud, but other than that I thought it was great.