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  1. AlexCastel

    Vx1000 Mark One Setup

    Seeing as how I was on my way to the second place to try and ship the camera due to the closest ups store being closed I don't see how I fucked you for $50 sorry you just have no patience. And joey9 shut the fuck up I offered you all your money back and you refused it like a little brat.
  2. AlexCastel

    Vx1000 Mark One Setup

    Bump I WILL sell camera alone for the right price.
  3. AlexCastel

    Vx1000 Mark One Setup

    Bump pm me offers/dvx trades!
  4. AlexCastel

    Megapolis Legit Vouches?

    Hello, I'm about to do a trade with Megapolis and just wanted to see if he had some legit vouches from fellow sp members. I have no reason to think he is unlegit I just would like to be sure.
  5. AlexCastel

    Vx1000 Mark One Setup

    Please don't clutter my thread.
  6. Up for sale is my whole setup its in great condition. All Photos are in this link. vx1000 About a month ago I shipped it to Video Electronics for a ribbon cable repair that included a head cleaning and tune up, Ribbon cable is also still under the 90 day warranty. The camera is in great external and internal condition, never captured on the heads or played back. The footage is clear and glitch free. Comes with the following accessories, Two NP-F730 battery's that hold a great charge of over 3 hours each there great, One Np-f series charger lens hood and Cap. The Camera will come in a Quantaray Pro camera bag that hold the set up perfect with extra room, it even has a laptop compartment! Century Optics Mark One Fisheye in perfect condition both glass and metal have no marks or blemishes always cleaned with a microfiber cloth that is included. Please PM me or text me at 704-557-6964 for offers on the set up. I'm not looking to split at all so please do not bother me. The only trade I am looking for is a dvx100b trade or if you have a mk2 as well we could try to work something out!
  7. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

    PM me for any of the items, they are all still for sale.
  8. AlexCastel

    Fs: Vx2100 Mk1 Setup

    Any chance of working a vx1mk1 set up plus something extra for it?
  9. AlexCastel

    The Filming Netjiot

    Not a "filming" question but I'd much rather ask here than make a new topic, but getting a new computer soon A Imac with these specs quoted on Apple's Website Or a Macbook Pro with these specs. I will be using the computer to edit SD footage,lurk the internet,listen to music and watch videos/movies. Just wanted to get a few second opinions on both of the computers I'm personally leaning towards the Imac. Thanks in advance!
  10. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

    15 shipped PM me! UPDATE: I'll trade any of these items or reasonable combination of a few for a Sony 10/20, Np-f30 battery's or a capture camera with good heads. All items are still up so throw me some offers!
  11. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

  12. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

  13. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

    40 for the chukkas man just pm me!
  14. AlexCastel

    Cleaning Out The Closet.

    First up is a pair of Vans Half Cab Pros Size 10 Worn around a few times never skated in too big for me offer up. 70mm Filmer Wheels still big and soft and a legitimate copy of Mac OSX Leopard. And last a pair of size 8.5 Spitfire edition Vans Chukka low BRAND NEW worn out of the shop. PM me offers or any questions you have! ONLY trades will be for some np-730's or a Sony 10/20. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Pm me for better photos and information!
  15. Hit me up got a mint vx1 and a brand new mk1.