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  1. This is my clothing company www.sogoodco.com
  2. Yeah, believe it or not its an unfortunate similarity. I was unaware of that sean john logo when we made our stuff and you're not the first one to bring it to my attention, but thanks.
  3. Whats up guys? Some of you might remember me, most of you probably don't lol. I haven't posted much on the forums the past few years because I've been super busy. I don't get to skate as much as i'd like and one of the reasons is because Ive gotten together with a few friends to launch my own clothing line called SoGood. Its a streetwear brand / lifestyle based clothing company influenced by LRG, Diamond, Supreme, Obey etc. We dropped our initial line a little over a month ago and invite everyone on here to take a look. I'd love to hear your feedback so please let me know what you think! And of course feel free to buy - Chris http://www.sogoodco.com
  4. katana

    Editing Mov Files From D7000 In After Effects

    You mean learning premiere over AE would save so much time? I edit with both, but when Im doing a shorter video its easier for me to stay organized in one program
  5. katana

    Editing Mov Files From D7000 In After Effects

    Most videos I edit are only 2-3 minutes long.
  6. katana

    What Is Your Take On The Nikon D7000?

    Ultra, various pool parties, yacht parties, after parties etc. . . It was a busy week.
  7. katana

    Editing Mov Files From D7000 In After Effects

    What about after effects? I usually just import the footage into the comp and let it select the proper setting automatically.
  8. katana


    @soogoood Follow me and my somewhat more interesting than normal journey through life.
  9. katana

    Editing Mov Files From D7000 In After Effects

    Well good thing I'm using cs5.5 then :goldenwub:
  10. Has anyone had any issues? I read somewhere i should convert my MOV files to AVI or WMV to edit in Adobe platforms. What sparked my interest in this is that I noticed my partners footage from his D3S are AVI files. I really only use after effects since I sometimes edit frame by frame and haven't had any issues besides long preview times which I always assumed to be normal for after effects. Is this necessary? Seems like a huge PITA to me and if it is I would probably even say Im going to sell the camera.
  11. katana

    What Is Your Take On The Nikon D7000?

    I just recently picked up a d7000 just for this purpose. And to shoot stills when I have to. Ive been out of the skate filming scene for years but have recently renewed my interest in the hobby when I had the chance to film some of the worlds top dj's in the edm scene. I picked up a cinevate simplus pro which is a night and day difference using the rig. I wanted to wait and get the d800, but I had to shoot ultra music festival / WMC so I needed something soon. I might sell the d7000 when my car sells and get the d800 when it comes out. I still need to pick up a few lenses since i've been renting for these gigs. I love the camera though. Super easy to use. Ive shot with a 60d and wasn't really a fan. The only thing I liked was the flip out lcd for higher angles and shit. But if you really want to fit your d7000 you can do that with an external lcd monitor.
  12. Im looking to correct the audio in some clips of live club footage. Im wondering if it could be done in after effects or if a third party plug in or program would be the way to go. And if it could done in after effects whats the best way?
  13. Hey guys, I am trying to render a 5 minute long clip in after effects. The footage was shot with two dslr's in 24 and 60fps. Theres a lot of twixtor work in the clip. I just rendered it and any sort of movement produces lines in the footage. I compressed it as upper fields first. How can I eliminate this? Please let me know asap I need to have this uploaded ASAP! Thanks!
  14. So im editing some dj footage and need it to look like the footage on eyewax.tv. Can someone watch a few clips and give me some pointers? Im thinking just simple cuts and twixtor pro which I have, but was wondering on the color correction they used?