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  1. I'm currently in New York (staying midtown manhattan cuz I don't have to pay for it) this weekend. In all likelihood I will only get a couple hours to skate, and being from CA I reallllllly wanna skate a cellar door spot cuz we don't have those on the west coast. If anyone can point me in the direction of a cellar door spot in manhattan or Brooklyn I would be so thankful (I can trade SF or Bay Area spots for one), I'm just super desperate to skate a cellar door haha so let me know! Thanks!
  2. goskate612

    Nyc Cellar Doors!

    I walked around manhattan from 7am to 7pm yesterday an didn't find a single one. Helpful responses would be helpful.
  3. goskate612

    Peepin Footy And San Francisco

    I wish this was a legit camera not an iPhone, but hey. (edit: wish they were peeping footy on a legit camera…I didn't shoot this on an iphone) This one, as usual, looks better big
  4. goskate612

    Lets Talk Roommates

    I moved in with this spoiled rich kid about 2 years ago and got the distinct pleasure (more like torture) of living with him while his life went to shit. He was an only child and wasn't used to having to carry his own weight around the house. Like he would ash a bowl in the kitchen sink on top of people's dishes and just leave it there for someone else to clean up, and there were multiple times when other roommates and myself caught him stealing our food out of the fridge and lying about it afterwards. But really his life went to shit when he got pulled over for speeding and the cops searched his car and found two vicodin pills in his wallet that he claims weren't even his. Since he had some prior shit with the law, he went to jail for the night and then got put on probation for two years. Before this, he was a miserable but tolerable stoner/homebody, but after he got on probation he couldn't smoke weed anymore and started turning more and more to prescription pills to make up for it. At first he was just taking lots of vicodin, then he started smoking oxy when he could find it, then the next thing I know our entire apartment is covered in pieces of tin foil with smoked oxy trails all over them and he's selling (and doing) heroin out of his room. He seriously had the sketchiest people coming through (one time he came back with a face-tatted gangbanger and literally boxes of shit they said were stolen from some house in East Side San Jose). This dude became such a strung out fuck that there was a whole month when I never saw him because he would get high in his room all day and only come out late at night when everyone went to sleep and he could have the living room for himself. Then there was the time I had to tell his dad face to face that he was a heroin addict and dealer because he had disappeared for a week and everyone thought he was dead. Turns out he went on a six day bender sucking dick for dope in the Tenderloin before getting jumped and deciding that the street life was harder than playing xbox while your parents update your bank account, so he came back. We were literally trying to kick him out for months, but our landlord said he couldn't because of some sketchy local laws prohibiting landlords from kicking people out when they have nowhere else to go. Anyway, we finally got him kicked out this January, and two weeks later our house got robbed. Moral of the story: Roommates are like Russian roulette. In my experiences, I've had 6 out of 7 roommates that were rad and I hung out with no problem and they made me happy I wasn't living by myself. But watch out because there's always that one that goes boom.
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    Weekend Shots

    I'm liking the first one. Cool perspective looking down that path and good job framing him in those wires which also work as leading lines. It also looks like you tried to hide that construction equipment behind the pillar, which is nice. Oh and the trick is pretty damn buck. For the second two you should try getting closer to fill up the whole frame as well as make the trick look more boosty.
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    looks like someone cut it off. the timing and framing on this photo are really good, and the angle makes it look huge. nice job dude.
  7. goskate612

    A Couple Wallies

    These are my first two shots since getting flashes. I'm still trying to get the feel for flash power and placement. Let me know what you think! Nolan Lydon Dane Reynolds
  8. goskate612

    A Couple Wallies

    yeah that was one of my main concerns with it, when I showed one of my roommates he thought it was a weird lipslide at first. that one was a quick setup since it was in a residential neighborhood at night so I just went with the first decent comp I found. hopefully my stuff will be getting better in the future.
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    A Couple Wallies

    Thanks, for the first shot I used three flashes, which kinda bums me out because I still couldn't get a decent rim light on him. In the second one I really don't like the shadows either but I wanted to keep the sticks in the shot to help the construction vibe come through. If I could shoot it again I'd probably move that flash so the border of the window isn't getting hit with direct light and maybe do something about those sticks. As for the timing, I tried shooting some earlier but it just didn't look as good in my opinion, and this was more of a roller than a wallie so I guess I thought it would work. Thanks for the crit!
  10. goskate612

    Fs Shuv Over Rail.

    I think the timing is proper. Maybe the angle could be a little higher to see the landing but other than that I'd say this is pretty on point.
  11. goskate612


    love that DIY
  12. goskate612

    Bs Wallride

    I think it would be nice if you panned down just a bit, I feel like the bottom of the quarter is getting squished or cut off or something. Other than that is is really solid dude
  13. goskate612


    Wowza Really like both the first and the second one
  14. goskate612

    Treehouse Skatepark

    I clicked on this thinking it would be something a little more whimsical, but this is fucking tight! I really liked that roll by shot right after dude no comply 50s the rainbow rail. And the whole vibe in general. And that last crooked grind. Good stuff.
  15. goskate612

    Portrait Of My Moms

    My first attempt at a legit portrait. Shot this using a DIY softbox I made out of a lamp shade, tin foil, and a T-shirt. C&C?
  16. goskate612

    This Isnt Nudity?

    Also, you can tell by her tattoo in a very coverable position. She's lifting up her shirt and it's still just barely peekin out, letting the observer know that she's bad, but only when she wants to be.
  17. goskate612

    Portrait Of My Moms

    haha nah more like the way Biggie says it "my moms" today is not your lucky day, but if someone else wants to start a thread of that nature I'd be more than happy to lurk (and maybe spank) . I definitely saw that coming when I posted though. And thanks for the critique, the background is just a wall in her house, there was really only one corner I could find to stick her in for the photo. I had the flash on 1/4 power from about 3 ft away, shining through a T-shirt, so the brightness was essentially just a guessing game. Hopefully I can reshoot and get the lighting a little more on point next time. Anything else?
  18. goskate612

    Fs Hurricane

    I like him being framed in that wall on the right, it provides a nice contrast and makes him pop more. If he was directly in front of the sun, he would've been lost due to a white shirt against a blown out background. Also diggin how dark the blacks get on the right side of the frame, it helps to draw your eyes to the skater as well as balance the bright spot of the sun.
  19. goskate612

    Is College Worth It?

    This. Especially if you have to pay your own way (i.e. not relying on mom & dad, usually involves student loans and debt). I wouldn't not go to college unless you are both extremely confident and legitimately have the skillsets to back it up. Just remember, there are more important things in life than accumulating material things and being "better" than those with less. I didn't realize this until I was in college, and it helped me to find what I wanted to do in life and the best way to achieve that. The key to success isn't necessarily what degree you have but how much drive you have and whether you can keep your eyes on the prize or if you just pile out. This is really the biggest value you get out of college: a sense of direction in life and knowledge of how to turn that vision into reality.
  20. goskate612

    The Red Wall

    Lighting is very on point, I never would've guessed you didn't use flashes. Good work.
  21. goskate612

    Switch Wallride Hill Bomber

    Natty light just before dusk on an overcast day. Would love some criticism if ya got it. Tyler Quigley rips Untitled by goskate415, on Flickr Bonus B&W
  22. goskate612

    B&w Frames

    Really digging the composition and DOF in the first one. I think for the third one it would've worked if you panned left a little to crop out that black box thing on the right as well as give it symmetry, but then again a lot of people don't like that look. Really good stuff overall though. What is the effect of pushing a 400 film to 800? Does it give you more tonal range or make it more grainy at all?
  23. goskate612

    This Isnt Nudity?

    I like the contrasting stripes on the first one. Titties really would've made it though
  24. goskate612

    Switch Wallride Hill Bomber

    Thanks! I've been hurt lately and can't skate, so I'm trying to shoot as much as possible and work on my compositions while I save up for flashes. Definitely psyched on how this one turned out though.
  25. goskate612

    Made A New Edit

    so stoked on actual feedback! my picture profile is set at- sharpness:0, contrast -4, saturation -1, color tone 0 i usually shoot flat and try (and apparently fail) to color correct in post. i use premiere elements to edit, and i always use the 3-way color corrector in there, but i noticed while editing that the CC didn't really do much, as in i would slide the little slider bar quite a bit to one side or the other with barely any noticeable difference. i pretty much based all my knowledge on color correcting around that one david stoessel tutorial also i do have IS on my lens, but i think the shakiness in the LL shots are more so a lack of a tripod than anything else, i end up having to balance the camera on my knee edit: forgot to add, i film with a t2i w/ kit lens and a rokinon fisheye