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  1. mattmitchell

    Best Fisheye For Sony A7s

    Peleng is wider, but softer edges, and it gets that heavy flare in sunlight. I have owned both peleng and rokinon 8mm, Rokinon is Definitely sharper, and less distortion. its a trade off either way, The peleng just has kind of a unique look to it, albeit kinda shitty.
  2. mattmitchell

    Sony A7rii For Skateboarding

    Nice! I'm buying both A7sii And A7Rii before summer hopefully. Need A7s more though because Lowlight God.
  3. mattmitchell

    Super 8 For Cheap As Fuck

    http://www.kodak.com/ek/us/en/consumer/products/super8/default.htm This thing is coming.
  4. mattmitchell

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    I am very satisfied with the results, Definitely Worth its price tag.
  5. mattmitchell

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    Ronin M. Got it 22nd. 5Dmkii with Rokinon 14mm Clips from Parking Garage on a rainy day last week. Upgrading to A7s ii soon
  6. mattmitchell

    Any Ronin M Users?

    Ordering one in a week for my 5Dmkii. Upgrading to A7sii next with Metabones EF Adapt. I'm Purchasing it for work, But am planning on using it to film a full length skate video over the next year. Thoughts? Ordering it either way, just wondering if anyone else on here has one. link to footage if you got it.
  7. let me know if you guys were there, didn't make it to street league while i was there. All timelapse, animation, filming, and editing done by me, Matt Mitchell.
  8. mattmitchell

    Cyclouvia 2013 Home Skateshop Montage

    Right on, Yeah i have heard your name around. I Have never skated indy, heard its legit though.
  9. mattmitchell

    Cyclouvia 2013 Home Skateshop Montage

    I probably know you if you used to live here. But yeah, it was pretty fun. Really hot though.
  10. Filmed with Canon 600d With 8mm f3.5 fisheye.
  11. mattmitchell

    Vx2000 Dslr Handle

    I just Thought it would be Cool to make this, for everyone who made the switch from VX to DSLR. i am looking for broken ones on ebay, or if anyone on here has one they want to sell/Donate.
  12. mattmitchell

    Vx2000 Dslr Handle

    I want to make this thing, I need An old vx2000 body, does not matter if it works or not because i'm going to gut it anyways, put a support rod to connect to the tripod mount of the DSLR. With a veri-angle screen on your DSLR (like 600D,650D, 60D) the screen would be in the similar position to the original vx screen. i could even try to use a small mirror to connect the VX eyecup to The DSLR Screen. I want to find a way to power the sony hot shoe with the DSLR hot shoe. I couldn't see this being appreciated outside the circle of Skateboard filmers, but i miss the old vx feel of filming, i could put weight in the back for counter balance, put and SD card storage compartment in the back. Would any one want this thing? I just want the HDSLR quality, Mixed with the ergonomic Feel of the VX. Thoughts?
  13. mattmitchell

    Canon T4I

    i wonder how long is it will take for ML to come out with firmware for this thing? i feel like they will have some pretty awesome tweaks with the touchscreen capability.
  14. mattmitchell

    Vivitar 7mm Or Rokinon 8mm Fisheye

    I just got my canon t3i and I'm between these two lenses. I would get the canon 8-15mm but I don't have that kind of money. Which one is wider? Best quality?