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  1. My family's been doing an annual picnic for 50 years so I made a documentary about it. It took about a year to get all the interviews and editing done. Feedback is appreciated Canon 7d Canon 50mm f/1.4 Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 Countryman b3 (lav) Rode Videomic Pro
  2. skater17mtn

    Hvx200 & Opteka .3x Vig Solution

    Hell yeah man i never thought of that. Post some footage when you're finished!
  3. skater17mtn

    Eazy Handle V2 L/s Footage

    I'm overflowing with jealousy right now.
  4. skater17mtn

    1st Photo On Film

    Taken last spring, just never posted it
  5. skater17mtn

    Just A Little Self Promotion For Jason Hernandez

    Damn i wasn't really accusing you of anything but if this is where you want to unveil your hood rat life style then so be it.
  6. skater17mtn

    Just A Little Self Promotion For Jason Hernandez

    Man he has really done a good job convincing himself that $400 is a good price for a handle
  7. skater17mtn

    Official Skate Apparel Thread

    Altamont is really sick. i used to like lrg but it seems like they tried to widen their appeal too much, kind of like volcom but not nearly as gay. Ripndip is my favorite for sure though
  8. skater17mtn

    Risk Of Modding

    It isn't risky at all. it isnt even all that difficult either. if you do end up doing it and you want to be safe, put in the element with rubberbands first so that way you can fix it if it isnt perfect. and when you get it perfect, just glue over the rubberbands. thats what i did and it ended up perfect
  9. skater17mtn

    From Vx To Dslr

    That was really sick! I'd maybe hold off on zooming until you get really good at it or until you get a lens that's more smooth. Angles were pretty good too. Try experimenting with rolling shots too. All around good.
  10. skater17mtn

    The Berrics Reabirth - Red Logo On The Wall

    Just because Ty did something new and out of the ordinary doesn't mean it's "gay". He's trying to do something cool and different.
  11. skater17mtn

    Your Most Used Lens

    canon 50 1.4 for sure. love it so much
  12. skater17mtn

    Spring Break

    time lapses and conformed slow mo included
  13. skater17mtn

    Struggling With Noise?

    new footage looks MUCH better than the original.
  14. skater17mtn

    2 Tricks

  15. my hvx audio is terribly out of sync, and it cuts out early, leaving video with no sound. i was using the on cam mic. anyone know whats wrong? edit: audio is fine on playback, but after log and transfer is when it screws up