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  1. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    HVX200A Cameras (FL only)

    text me for more pics and info 3865663020
  2. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Tapeless VX1000 recording

    this shit is blowing my mind right now!
  3. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Wooden Camera VX Mic vs VX1000

    Super awesome It's really nice to see that good people like yourself take the time and effort to make these vids ❤️ Vx sounded better but I really do like the softness and clean vibes of the WC Vx mic in comparison to other mic options for dslr. I'll have to check them out, honestly never heard of them before. Thanks for posting Filming is super clean and that dude freakin shreds. Cheers!!
  4. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Urban Decay (full Vhs Video)

    :-) ;-) really good my dude
  5. kevinsyens@yahoo.com


    first one reminds of Mark Peckmezian's work digging this approach alot man
  6. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Random Photo Discussion

    https://instagram.com/p/8vFNHLzFKi/ this is tight
  7. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Mk2 For Vx2000

    who got it?
  8. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Boneless Handplant Over Handrail

    this with the zenitar?
  9. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    New Park Clip

    really enjoyed this
  10. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Random Photo Discussion

    still selling a Hasselblad 500CM with Sonnar 150mm f4 and a Canon 1d Mark II with recently replaced shutter
  11. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Olympus Stylus Epic (mjuii)

    I'll post some pics soon. Good luck on selling yours my dude
  12. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Olympus Stylus Epic (mjuii)

    dayum i got mine for $5 at a thrift store. Had no idea they go for that match.
  13. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Wtb: Ef 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye

    or a tokina 10-17mm without hood
  14. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Wtb: Ef 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye

  15. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Canon Ef 15mm 2.8 And 45mm 2.8 Ts-e

    would you sell fisheye for less?
  16. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Anyone Know A Good Vhs Setup?

    Panasonic PVL something (VHS-C) with a modteka captured through a vx2100 using an av out cable and a firewire - just like kalivar stated above. Found the cam at a thrift store for 20 bucks and bought a battery from battery plus. It's my favorite.
  17. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Random Photo Discussion

    http://orlando.craigslist.org/pho/5043934113.html wut?
  18. kevinsyens@yahoo.com


    3rd is killer
  19. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Wisconsin Skateboarding 2015

    I got to skate this park back in 2009! Sick edit my dude!
  20. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Hasselblad 500 C/m & Vx2100

    Thanks mane! PM for questions
  21. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Peelin It

    diggin the plant one get a land cam they're fun
  22. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Random Photo Discussion

    buy my vx2100
  23. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Random Photo Discussion

    selling a bronica with goodies
  24. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Devin Bagnoli

    I don't film very much
  25. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Post Yourself Skating

    red cons guy