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  1. Hey, was wondering if you'd sell the Xtreme lens separate
  2. marc

    DSLR Long Lens

    Haha exactly what I did, zooming with dslr sucks no matter how many tools you get to make it work
  3. marc

    "BOOMBAP" promo

    We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and went on trips to Barcelona, Zaragoza, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Luxemburgh
  4. I've been working on a video for the last 4 years now and it's finally going to premiere this March. Filmed with the old trusty VX1 MK1 setup across Europe. Here's the final promo I released for it!
  5. marc

    Quickstream recorder

    That looks sick
  6. marc

    Filmer Backpacks

    Damn! I've been looking for one for years now, you still got one for sale?
  7. marc

    For Those Who Have Bought A Vx1000 Off Ebay?

    There are a lot Japanese versions that are in perfect condition on Ebay the last time I checked, they go for around 600,- I think
  8. marc

    General Camera Handles Thread

    I heard lots of good stories about the SmallRig cage setup, you can get way lower to the ground compared to when using the Eazy Handle. Personally I love the way the Eazy Handle is balanced and all, but packing up is a pain in the ass for sure
  9. So I got a me a new VX, it is in great condition expect for the exposure control wheel is not working, anyone knows what the problem is or how to fix it?
  10. marc

    Downsides To Vx's?

    But that $20 reusable shit doesn't give you a solid backup of your footage
  11. marc

    Downsides To Vx's?

    That's true but since I live in The Netherlands, Amazon isn't an option for just buying tapes. So for me that's a down side, a good price is hard to find here.
  12. marc

    What Did You Do To/ Get For Your Camera Today?

    Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ed as ncs Really wide fisheye for full frame DSLR's
  13. marc

    Downsides To Vx's?

    TRUE If you compare it to filming with a DSLR setup, you have all these different parts you have to put together before you can start filming. The VX is just straight out of the bag ready to go. MiniDV tapes are also the best back-up of all your footage imaginable. If you compare that to filming on SD cards where you have to clear the card every time. The steady-shot build in the VX is really good. Of course the fisheye option and the sound it automatically records are unbeatable. And glitches, which can be the only downside to the VX, all depends on the state of your VX. I've been filming with a VX for 6 years now and haven't had any glitch problems ever. One downside: buying tapes, kinda hard to come by for a good price nowadays.
  14. marc

    Skate Perception Filmer Directory

    SP Name: Markie Name: Marc Bolhuis Country: The Netherlands State or province: South Holland City: Rotterdam Setup: vx1 mk1 Instagram: @boombapvideo / @markiethedude
  15. I'm currently working on a video, due to be finished early 2016 Check out the promo
  16. When I took my sony vx1000 out of the bag yesterday, the lens of the vx itself was condensed on the inside of the glass.. anyone familiar with this problem and knows how to fix it?
  17. Thanks! worked really good!
  18. yeah the very first piece of glass, which is attached to the plastic piece
  19. marc

    Are These Good Vx1 Settings

    the trick at 0:29 goes out of focus, always set your focus on manual. try to get your image more saturated by setting the color levels higher and shifting the white balance a little bit in the custom presets.
  20. new edit I made for Tagsters magazine.
  21. marc

    Pre Vx1000/mk1 Set Up? Help

    The raymod lens is a good alternative to the mark 1, but I believe the little sony lens to mod the raynox with isn't produced anymore.
  22. My entry for Skate48, a 48h film contest for skateboarding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoCWAEXPsiE
  23. Anybody else re-editted Nick Garcia's footage? here's mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL2F4l8uRjI
  24. Hope you guys like it! Filmed with T2i 8mm and the nifty fifty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdgdhaKApLc
  25. I Hate People by GG Allin