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  1. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    man, rip that video. flickr dayz, tsim kelly edit: the Klasse is so sharp, but not immediately responsive, like the t4. there is a pause and i missed a lot of shots/the camera didnt even fire. sold that fucker. dont buy it
  2. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    send the t4 to me for free. mine broke in paris last year when a high school friend was visiting from detroit. need that fucking camera back in my life again last pix before the winder stopped
  3. Ivan Fucich

    Some dutch architecture for you guys

    living in Amsterdam Zuid. right next to the VU, 5 minute walk from the zuid station. man im always trying to skate. i "study" at the rietveld, but i got hella free time i never pay my fucking t mobile bill so its impossible to reach me, but add me on facebook messanger: Ivan Fucich if youre in the city, lets skate i can also steal my room mates OV chip card cuz he has the yellow student one, so i can always come to you
  4. Ivan Fucich

    What photo stuff happened while SP was away?

    ya photography lost all coherence. keep it all private, undeveloped in the fridge, and get around to it later, perfect mentality. cock suckers running around at 1 million mph trying to get the shot, days are over, stay smoked out, let the shot come to you
  5. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    wife and 2 kids, mortgage, car lease, golf course every fuckin DAY Michael miss you buddy!
  6. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    what 20 something year old doesn't have time....? shit takes like 1 hour dawg, same as the CVS, get outta here with these excuses bulk shoot, buy the not so expensive complete powder set, then ball out in your kitchen and get wasted
  7. Ivan Fucich


    icelandic danish eyes screamin' love
  8. Ivan Fucich

    you're undead to me

    oh thanks god i am seeing your name
  9. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    Lets get Everything Else poppin off
  10. Ivan Fucich

    Random Photo Discussion

    just buy chemicals from Freestyle Photo out in LA. self develop c41 bulk style easiest shit ever