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  1. Yes I has the Sony a7r
  2. Hey! Haven't been on here in a minute but I'm trying to sell this lens quick (almost time to pay rent). I know this lens is almost worthless to a skate photog but maybe someone will be into it. Had it for a little over 2 years, always stored in a pelican. Optics are in perfect condition, lens barrel is free of scratches and scuffs. Doesn't come with the front lens cap or a lens hood. Was my favorite lens to use but I switched systems and no longer need canon stuff. Looking to get $850 shipped or $825 if you live in nyc and want to pick it up. Feel free to text me 805-748-1648 or email me van@vanrobinson.net Be well :-) -Van P.S. Sorry for the micro pic. If you text me, I'll send better pics.
  3. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

  4. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    It just depends what you want your end product to be. If its b&w just go to kinkos and have them print it greyscale (on the color machine, they shouldn't charge you for color) on whatever paper. If you have a bunch of pages you could use a lighter paper, if its just a few then use a heavier paper to give the zine some weight. If you're doing it from home you'll most likely have to charge more because inkjet zines cost a lot to make. The nice thing about them is they are great quality. I would say just experiment, I have around 10 test copies of my first zine I ever made that were just figuring shit out.
  5. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    I once shot some agfa scala bw slide, found some random forum post on how to dev with d76 (Im sorry this was years ago, no way i could find now). and the results were amazing, some of my favorite bw ive ever shot. If you can get your hands on this film it is great (even processed as neg its great). I still have a few rolls of 35 ive been saving for something
  6. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Na, koreatown dirt
  7. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Yes I did, last night was my first official night down here too
  8. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Alex prager?
  9. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Got mugged at gunpoint outside my house last night. Shits not fun guys!
  10. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    500 ish, the opticfilm is looking like a go for me. Thoughts?
  11. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    Really need a new scanner, was going to get a nikon 4000 with the auto feed but nikon scan isn't supported by 10.8. I was looking into the opticfilm scanners. I just need a dedicated 35mm scanner.
  12. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    I spent $100 on stuff at the LA art book fair tonight, shit was fun.
  13. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    i had a friend who used the base model 11 inch mba (when he traveled), and he ran lightroom on it just fine. I like to have the mentality of "this computer is so fast 6 years ago"
  14. van.g.r.

    Random Photo Discussion

    @ivanf. u no i like indesign and thas how i do it. im all bout indesign, makes it sew ez once u git it. then take it to kinko and ask them to print on greyscal throu color machine. real nice quality les money. photoshop confused me but what do i no? utube tutorials r your friend, at least they r mine, *edet, wonc u learn indesign u can make zins real quick, i just made a 24 pager in like 5 min, just sayin