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  1. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Hd Teaser

    Not sure where im going with this, but i have a little footage stacked up and im moving north soon for school.
  2. sportskomornick@aol.com

    So Im Thinking About Getting A Xtreme...

    and as far as the vig thats on hd footage only. mk1 lovers dont worry
  3. sportskomornick@aol.com

    So Im Thinking About Getting A Xtreme...

    what it comes down to is all these alternatives have their pros and cons vs the xtreme but if you really want the convenience of a say an hmc150 or hvx the norm in a sense is the xtreme. i mean unless your going back to the dslr you really have no other choice if you already have the 16x9 too. for me (opinion people) as far as skate filming i say no vig or xtreme vig and thats it. everything else ive seen is just too awkward for myself. its just a shame the lens is such a chunk of change, and ton of bricks on the front of your camera....
  4. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Notb Skateboards Park Montage

    http://vimeo.com/30879144 shot over the last month or so. It was a good time for sure
  5. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Converse Hometown Jam

    it wasnt a very good set up but a fun day. footage from the day
  6. sportskomornick@aol.com

    The Morning Benders

    its been slow the last couple weeks but i wanted to just start out clean with some good shit. not bad all together though
  7. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Transition From Vx1 To Hd

    i went from a 2.1k to an hmc150 and it was lovely. it helps i have an imac i7 to not have to worry about converting footage, but once you get a system down for logging and converting its no big deal on any decent computer. having a full out camera with a handle and zoom triggers and such helps me alot and even though the footage cant really compare to a dslr, i wouldnt imagine filming any different. if you have money to blow though, the mark iii coming soon is supposed to change a lot of things....
  8. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Long Lens Hd Cam?

    get a t2i. your gonna pay around the same price as an hv and get results that blow a camera like my hmc out of the water. the dslr game is too good right now to pass up.
  9. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Best Colors Thread Part 2

    finally sunny
  10. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Six Tricks

    id love to because my opteka (yes, im a cheap bastard) isnt very wide at all but id probley buy a t2i before i ever dropped that much on a lens
  11. sportskomornick@aol.com

    First Vx1 Footy.

    after using both, i dont see why anyone would still invest in dv or tapes none the less. hdv is maybe the only exception but i wouldnt even bother with the options tapeless wise
  12. sportskomornick@aol.com

    First Vx1 Footy.

    i havent been in the forums for probley two years, figured the 15 or 16 year mark would mark the end and peoples money would go better places
  13. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Some Park Footy

    pretty rough up until now weather wise so just trying to stay sane. a month or so here
  14. sportskomornick@aol.com

    First Vx1 Footy.

    people are still buying these?
  15. sportskomornick@aol.com

    Six Tricks

    month of may went so shitty i just picked my best few and threw them together. enjoy!