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  1. jakisd

    Amazing Muffins

    oooooooooooooooooh yeah
  2. jakisd

    How To Get The Best Out Of My Camera

    oh, cause i rofled
  3. jakisd

    Concord Skatepark

    feelin these pics
  4. jakisd

    Wall Ride///%5-0

    shits ridiculous
  5. jakisd

    Who Was Born On Yo Birfday

    HAHAH fuckin joan of arc
  6. jakisd

    First Day With The Mk1.

    veryyyy nice ledge looks soo fun
  7. search bo burnham on yootoob
  8. jakisd

    Favorite Snacks To Have When Filming/skateboarding

    vitamin waters and hot fries. i mostly juss rack that shit haha
  9. jakisd

    Epic Childhood Stories

    when i was about eleven or tweleve me and a bunch of friends used to go tagging and skating just fucking shit up was what we liked to do. so one day we were all skating downtown and my friend john thinks itll be funny to break a moving cars window. so he waits in the middle of this intersection waiting for a car to drive by and here comes this big ass ford f350. the car comes to a stop and he just takes his board and cracks the side window. Fucking three or four bros jump out of the car with chains and bats and shit and start chasing us. i was bookin it so hard. we all got away tho cause we hid in this bush underneath an old burned down bridge. good timesssss
  10. jakisd

    Pick And Choose

    sooooooo much better
  11. jakisd

    Fs/ft: Mk2 Screw

    very legit
  12. jakisd

    Ripndip Commercial

    shits down as fuck