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  1. nigggaaa whatsgood its been days

  2. troublekid555

    Spring Footage

  3. troublekid555

    Spring Footage

  4. troublekid555

    Spring Footage

  5. troublekid555

    Dicks And Butts

    Get after effects for the slomo
  6. troublekid555

    Spring Footage

    Thoughts or any advice besides song choice
  7. troublekid555

    Favorite Porn Stars

    Julia Ann.
  8. troublekid555

    09/10 Montage

    The colors were overall pretty good, but im not going to lie when I say that the filming on that back bigflip was terrible.
  9. troublekid555

    When Was The Vx-1000 Released?

    true that..
  10. troublekid555

    Vx1000 Effffffed

    Yeah I made the mistake of buying a vx1 from a guy who opened up the camera and ended up having to spend 500 dollars on repairs.
  11. troublekid555

    The Opteka Mk1 Replica Demand Thread

  12. troublekid555

    What Do I Do? I Think My Imac Is Fucked

    bring that to the mac store or a local computer repair shop forsuree
  13. troublekid555

    Validus Shutting Down Sale

    I will be picking up one of these babys!
  14. troublekid555

    How To Do These Color Effects

    can also easily download them from artbeats.com for future reference
  15. troublekid555

    Fx7 Eyecup