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  1. mitchellmylius

    360 Flip!

    was this natural light?
  2. mitchellmylius

    Frankie Heck Yes Bs Flip

    this is dope i love when the skater in right in the distortion radius and they get all bent and stuff. maybe if you got closer to the wall, where the gap starts, taking a little more emphasis off the building. other than that the lighting and colors are on pizzzoinnttttt
  3. mitchellmylius


    Decided I would start posting on skateperception again even though my name is embarrassing. My ego must have been huge in 2011. Anyways this is my homie Quin frontside lipsliding at this 8 rail in Anaheim. I was stoked on how much he pops on the overexposed wall. Especially after i turned the photo black and white! kind wish my 50mm would autofocus tho... what do you think? Nikon D80 50mm 1.8 1/1500 f 2.4
  4. was hoping to get 750 obo low hours, colors are on point. sad to let it go but i want to go HD. myliusmitchell@gmail.com 925/518-4380 email or text me for pics
  5. mitchellmylius

    Arion Alesna's Part From "why Settle?"

    thanks man! i appreciate it
  6. mitchellmylius

    Help, And An Ollie

    composition will come with good angles, spot with alot of background kinda stuff(however distant from the subject), and the proper zoom for this spot it seems like its too cluttered with all those plants and plus you put the skater right in the center of the photo try to experiment with rule of thirds it really improves the look of picture
  7. mitchellmylius

    Emeryville Mission

    its a foundation that whole bridge has like 3 spots that, the under the bridge gap, and another DIY but vert all within walking distance its crazy lol
  8. mitchellmylius

    Emeryville Mission

    yes exactly with just the skater it wouldve been super boring
  9. mitchellmylius

    Emeryville Mission

    ya bay area like an hour from the city same area as dublin and pleasanton
  10. mitchellmylius

    Emeryville Mission

    oh thanks man! and yeah i thought so too and nah its a vx1 with an opteka spaced we just met those kids when we were skating there that kid doin the back smith would ride into the bank afterwards every time it was so clean
  11. mitchellmylius

    Emeryville Mission

  12. mitchellmylius

    I Need Mics

    im going to be filming some interviews next week and i need a couple mics can anyone suggest to me some cheap wireless ones? HELP
  13. mitchellmylius

    5-0, Bs/lip, And Front Shuv Bail From Today

    damn that back lip spot looks prime as fuck
  14. mitchellmylius

    Why Settle?

    Quick edit C&C?