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  1. justin'


    Also just realized SP is still running (hardly) compared to how it used to be. The 1st is sharp and composed well, it just begs for some color to distinguish the scene a bit more, I agree with Fruitboot on the 2nd and the 3rd really stands out to me and the B&W suits the scene nicely.
  2. justin'

    Nosegrind 180, Bavk 50

    Mankid Lamberson by Justin Evans', on Flickr Mikal Martin by Justin Evans', on Flickr Should have been a nosegrind instead of a back 50 but he wasnt feeling it that day. Re-post soon
  3. justin'

    Vinyl Voodoo

    Yeah, I attempted to lower the audio a few db's but went overboard and got too lazy to fix it. Im just a photog.. ahha
  4. http://youtu.be/WXY9x87_D9c
  5. justin'

    A Couple Of Film Shots

    Despite the actual content, the photos look good. Almost like digi, feelin the colors and contrast
  6. justin'


    Thanks guys I for sure agree about timing, this was just some quick shit that was going down so I shot in in the moment. I was stoked on it regardless just because I wasn't expecting it to turn out. :0
  7. justin'


    Mikal Martin by Justin Evans', on Flickr
  8. justin'

    Palm Fire

    Palm Fire by Justin Evans', on Flickr Wu$$up?
  9. justin'

    Bs Lip Handrail

    Work with different angles and compositions, Im not feeling the tilt nor the on camera flash. Keep on shootin'!
  10. justin'

    Front Lip 12 Rail

    Brett Swartz by Justin Evans', on Flickr http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ Large. Self Crit: Lil bit closer and maybe up a step and closed in on only the rail. Less roll up. Don't hate on the border.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saZGUwaZ9C8 Canon 7D Tokina 10-17 Canon 50 1.8 Some clips were stretched to match the 720 format.
  12. justin'

    Tuck Knee To Flat

    Could have been soo sick with a single flash on your skater
  13. justin'

    Boon A While!

    These tones are quite perfect in my opinion. Damn A fisheye shot on the flip to wallride would be sick as well, you would be able to see more of his face as well. Although the repetition and the wall art make it good enough.